Ranking list of application with haikudepot

ranking list of application with haikudepot

so, is there some command to get the list?
or, alt-c alt-v again and again with haikudepot.
and, where is the list of download number?
is there any webpage which like distrowatch.com to
show the ranking list of haiku application?

ok, 3 hours, i get the list with ranking five stars.
is there any other simple way?

The evaluations of application are made by Haiku users that have registered an account on Haiku Depot Server. So, it has no interest outside Haiku. As long as there will be only few users registered, ranking will be also quite arbitrary.

Download numbers have never been exposed in HaikuDepot and wouldn’t be of so much interest. As, this has been already discussed in another thread, people can have several PC and several VMs. To differentiate them, HDS would have to track users in a way that goes against users desires and Haiku philosophy.
Anyway, with nowadays huge disk space, not a lot are uninstalling things that they try. Let’s say that they install three apps doing same job to compare them and, at the end will use only one. These apps they don’t use, will be downloaded after each update exactly like the one they do use. This means, that the app with the most updates wins. But why is it updated? Because, there’s a new version available or because there was a bug to fix? As result, the biggest downloads count can be own by the most buggy app. Is that really the kind of ranking you want?


i can tell my friends which application should be installed into Haiku.
but, if there is a official web page, it is more persuasion.
similar like distrowatch.com, more hits , more popular.
people just need one shot, then they will get the application plan with Haiku.
hits , download number , ranking and so on.
it doesn’t matter about the Reference object itself.
it is important about having Reference object.
also, application programmer can recognize how important with their application in user’s eyes.
am i right?

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That’s the purpose of the “Featured packages” tab in HaikuDepot.

Otherwise, choose a category and sort for user ratings. What difference does it make if app A has a rating of 4/5 with 1,200 downloads compared to app B with rating of 3/5 with 1,300 downloads?
Generally, I search apps for keywords, compare their description and only if there are several candidates offering the features I need, look at their ratings.

They, too, see that by the (lack of) ratings and the (non-existing) feedback at their bugtracker etc.
I’d say, currently, if your app has more than 5 good ratings, you’re a hit… :slight_smile:
Simple download figures don’t tell you much.

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it is useful for new guy.
someone choose more downloads, the other choose high rating.
there are Reference object.
then, they will think.
when thinking, most of people will become user.
so, how about building a official web page to sync the rating list from haikudepot?

Do you know that Haiku Depot Server also has a web interface where you can see every packages, ratings included here? Doc is available here if you want to know more about how that works.

it is only sorted with alphabet.
mmmm, it is useful at least.

Hello; I also don’t see this as being useful but if you did want to suggest it, you should make a ticket in GitHub here for the Haiku Depot Server and here for the desktop application.

Note that short-term if you do want this information, you can run this from a Linux host or a Haiku system with the curl and jq commands installed.

curl -L "https://depot.haiku-os.org/__pkg/all-haikuports_x86_64-en.json.gz" | gzip -d | jq -r '["package-name", "rating"], (.items|sort_by(-(.derivedRating//0),.name)|.[]|select(.derivedRating)|[.name, .derivedRating]) | @csv'

Thanks, I was actually curious how some of that data is collected. For example, for ArtPaint it says “Active: No” and “Source Available: No”, both of which are untrue. I will see if the answers are in that doc.

Yes, these flags are indeed confusing, perhaps they shouldn’t show in the web interface.
I’m not sure that Active has that meaning, actually. Remember that what are shown there are packages. So, I guess that these flags may belong to HaikuDepot app. Active could mean that the package is not currently installed and mounted in your system and, Source available that you don’t have the corresponding source package installed and mounted either.

I hereby cordially invite you to register on depot.haiku-os.org and to help evaluate the programs there. But it would also be important to evaluate the programs that are not only on Haikuports. There are also some repositories that provide programs that have hardly been evaluated so far.

As @humdinger has pointed out, the Easter weekend would be a good time to test and evaluate programs. I do not found the link to the old post.

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Who decides which apps are featured?
I suppose he Haiku developers and maintainers.
This is a good idea.
The developers’ and maintainers’ suggestion.
But, I think Ilovehotdog is talking about users’ preference.
This is different.

Everyone registering an account inside HaikuDepot app can evaluate and rate an app.
The stars rating reflects exactly users preference.
If the rating of an app has some meaning (at least several positive votes), it will certainly have a strong influence on the decision to make it a featured app. But there are other points, like Is the app open source?, Is the app native and designed for Haiku?, etc that will have an important weight.


I assume you are referring to the web user interface and not the JSON data?

The package artpaint has no package artpaint_source. You will find that some packages do have a corresponding _source package and “Source Available” will be “Yes” for those ones.

The “Active” does look like a bug – it should be resolved in the next deployment. Thanks.

Perhaps, renaming the flag Source package available would avoid confusion?
Indeed, there’s no sources package for Artpaint. A source package should always be available. If not, that’s missing on the recipe.
Except few things in 32 bit from BeOS era and some games on BeSly, we shouldn’t have a lot of packages like this, at least for the moment.

Some trusted community members have the necessary permissions at HDS to make them ‘featured’. As Starcrasher already mentioned, the rating and comments every user can leave through HaikuDepot are the direct measure of user preference.

There are no firm rules what makes a package ‘featured’. Major criterion is user ratings/comments, of course. I’d prefer native apps over ports, if they have similar features. Also, we avoid having too many similar apps in the ‘featured’ group.

And again, if anyone feels an app should be included or kicked from the ‘featured’ list, open a thread and we have a discussion and poll.

When is a package ‘active’, what does it mean?

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An admin may choose to “deactivate” a package version. This UI element should only have been shown if the package version were deactivated so you should not normally see it.

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Ahoy dear @Starcrasher and @humdinger !

Reading this post earlier I wanted to register a user account on HaikuDepot server to give ratings and opinion to an application, but I could not register my usual Haiku related nickname for that due to actual settings of user accounts.

If it’s no problem I would like to use the same user name for all Haiku related services so I already opened a ticket about it.

#18343 User (nick)name lenght issue on HaikuDepot server

After that resolved …
I would complete the user registration on HaikuDepot server …
… and join the only few registered users ;-))

… to give ratings and opinion.

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It’s sad that we don’t have same requirements everywhere as it would make more sense and would keep it simple for end user.
Actual situation is not convenient but I’m not sure something can be done.
When you set up several sites, the problem is that you have to deal with different apps that all have their own way. Sometimes you can tweak things, sometimes not…
It’s probably why there’s not a single login for all Haiku sites yet even if that was discussed several times.

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comment:5 by apl-haiku, at 2023-04-07T02:28:52+02:00

HDS version 1.0.147 will carry this change and I’ve let the admin team know it’s ready to be deployed. This will mean you can use your 32 character nickname when signing up from the web-console. I will have to make a tweak to the desktop application to allow this which I will do soon.

So keep up !..
SOON everyone can register their usual nick name on HaikuDepot server - up till 32 characters length.

Let’s BE Happy ! :smiley: