Raising money for Haiku (and other Open Source projects) via NFTs

This is a bit goofy – and definitely not a technical topic – but we’re running a campaign to raise funds to be donated to Haiku (and PCLinuxOS this month) through nerdy NFTs.

I wanted to post this here just to let folks know about it. Just a fun way to try to raise some extra funds to help pay for full time development going forward. Because, darn it, I love the progress that Waddle has been making. And I want to do my little part to help that continue. :slight_smile:

Here’s the details. Feel free to take part, spread the word, or ignore depending on your mood. :wink:


I should also add that this is not directly affiliated with Haiku Inc. The Lunduke Journal community is simply very big fans of Haiku and we want to help out. :wink:


Not a lot may care of my opinion, but I would prefer Haiku to continue to make money through standard donations.
I know it is never enough for a project of that scale, and although cryptocurrencies, NFTs and all things crypto are currently fashionable, they have several negative impacts.
So I would recommend a project like Haiku not to be associated with them for the time being.

Just my two (non-crypto) cents anyway…

Nevertheless, thanks for you interest in the project!


The Haiku project should not participate or get involved in things like this from my pov.


Thanks for the initiative! I guess every bit counts.


Good to see you hear, and I’ll have a look

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That’s kinda how I feel! The Lunduke Journal community has a lot of Haiku fans in it. And we’ve been experimenting with NFTs lately to learn more about it. This idea seemed worth a shot! If it helps… then awesome!


Tell you what, X512 has been on a tear as well as Waddlesplash, it’d be nice to get him more hardware or funding for his accel 3d efforts amongst others.

We need apps lunduke, lot of apps and useful stuff like CNC, cad, productivity etc a compelling use case to get some corporations to ooen those wallets for paid tech support so haiku can be better funded


Although I’m not very well informed about how NFTs work, if that helps Haiku, it’s appreciated.


You need to explain why when you make a statement like that.

I would also prefer that we stay away from NFTs, for several reasons including:

  • Ecological concerns. Like several other blockchain based things, NFTs are very inefficient and result in high CO2 emissions. Haiku is a nice project but it doesn’t deserve cooking our planet until we all die.
  • Several NFT platforms are selling “works” (or rather, token saying you “own” the work) without agreement from the original artist.
  • The whole concept is a bit strange, you buy or sell a “token” that does not in fact grant you any ownership on the original item (in this case, ugly pictures of tux)

Also it seems only 5% of the sale is donated to opensource projects, where do the other 95% go? I think it is not retribution for the artist, since the “art” is not that interesting at all (it’s the linux logo, in very low resolution, pasted on top of some operating system screenshots)

So, if you want to support Haiku, it seems a lot more efficient to donate to Haiku inc directly. I’m sure fees will be a lot less than 95%.


Simply because the project dont have to jump on each and every bandwagon. And as @PulkoMandy wrote it is a bit sketchy and there is already better ways to donate money, or contribute some code or a translation and show your name in the About window everybody to get them envy, no blockchain required.



mine now
Edit# No hard feelings if this post gets removed for some weird copyright reason. I have them stored on my HDD anyway. Just wanted to have a laugh.

Hello fellow OS probing comrade !

As I enjoyed some few of your shows I’m very happy to offered such help for these communities.

(few* – sorry my brother, so much to choose to watch/ listen to something thsese days – moreover I still have not a proper clone or android copy to get money for me :smiley: to work instead of me :smiley: )

Congrats from here – your style is lovable. and enough international to enjoy it as a Hungarian who T am.
Our age, we socialized in computers, I assume the same: I was born in last century '70s - so thanks for all as you are.
You do some awesome “EDUTAINMENT”. :gift_heart:


Concerns about NFTs may valid.
I liked the pure intent to try to get funds generally

I wish luck for your community to find the best way to send material stuff to support ‘Corner of our Heart Project’ - Project Haiku.

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Thanks to you and PM for the explanation, which seems totally reasonable. I didn’t read the link, so didn’t know the process involved crypto-currency.
I wonder why they chose to do it that way.

The idea is that everytime someone re-sells these images, 5% of the price is sent to a separate account (not the one for the current seller). These 5% would then be donated to Haiku or another project (it is unclear if it is Haiku this month and then another project next month, or if the NFTs sold this month always generate money meant for Haiku everytime they are re-sold).

This is a thing the ehtereum blockchain (the one used for NFTs) makes possible: each transaction on that blockchain can run a small piece of code, which can redistribute the money in various ways. So it allows for more complicated transactions than the traditional banking system.

This is not necessarily a good idea: in the past, someone found a bug in one of these pieces of code, and exploited it to drain millions worth of cryptomoney to their own account: The DAO: What Was the DAO Hack? | Gemini (and also, as a result of this the supposedly immutable blockchain was “rewound” to undo that transaction).


For January the raised funds will be split between Haiku and PCLinuxOS. For February a different project (or two) will be chosen.

Ha! Thanks! Hopefully this little project will result in a reasonably sizable donation to Haiku. Such a stellar project, it really deserves the assistance.

All good. “Right click / Save as” jokes are inevitable. :slight_smile:

5% of every transaction gets donated. Every sale. Every re-sale.

Depending on how actively people work with those NFTs, that can add up in a hurry. Making the percentage larger than this makes trading such NFTs less viable. NFTs may not be something you personally use or enjoy, but many do. And this is a way to engage with those people and communities while directly helping Open Source projects like Haiku.

Also, it’s not “the linux logo, in very low resolution”. It’s an original pixel art inspired by the mascot of Linux.

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