Raising money for Haiku (and other Open Source projects) via NFTs

I’m not into crypto and not plan to be, so these things are no good to me.

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I’m a bit lost what the intrinsic value of these images is supposed to be, why would anyone sell or buy them if you don’t even get to own the thing?

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Oh what a bad idea! Nott everything is about money!

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In order to fun full time development… you need… money.


Why would you want 5% from one month of scamming people into buying something ultimately worthless? I’ll be amazed if most of these people buying monkey picture NFTs ever get their money back.

Pulkomandy correctly notes that the whole industry is also tainted by thieves pirating other peoples artwork to make NFTs for their own profit.

NFTs are awful and not worth the bad PR for a measily 5% of the transactions. The whole industry is just awful.

Grady Booch has a lot to say on this subject:


Honestly, this alone makes me want for Haiku Inc to simply reject any donations obtained this way, it’s just not worth it. If people want to donate that is cool, but not as some byproduct of actively harming the enviroment for literally no reason.



What scam is happening here? That’s a strange accusation to make considering the details and transparency here.

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This is all done on Polygon.

I suppose all the nodes that run ethereum are made from clouds and sunshine?

Your article is not really convincing, and singling out CO2 as an environmentally unfriendly factor is kind of dishonest, you can do environmental damage in plenty of ways.


Lot’s of money’s

Plants need co2, to grow crops

They make GPU too expensive.

Just going to throw an idea out there:

Anyone who wants to take part in this idea… can.

And anyone who doesn’t want to take part… doesn’t need to.

The whole point is to raise funds, in a fun way, for some open source projects. Nobody is forcing anybody to have any involvement – or provide any commentary.


Without saying that there’s bad intentions at play here, because I’m sure this is all well intended… I believe NFT’s are a bad thing overall, a foolish hype and it opposes the spirit of the free software movement.


If I read it right, people will donate US$ 26, and receive a blocky picture of a penguin as a token of appreciation. Like when you buy a number in some charity lottery, and receive also a little card of thanks . From those $26, 5% ( a little more than $1 ) will be donated to OpenSource projects, and that is nice.

The way the blockchainy things are set up, the recurring ( if any ) transactions will contribute to a “piggy bank” of the Lunduke people, who can in turn donate to other projects later.

None of this need to ( and in my opinion, should not ) involve the Haiku project. NFTs are still a murky area, with too much of the real costs and ecological aspects being neglected or “brushed under the rug”.

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Look, I’ve seen the concerns around NFTs etc and like everything else, it does have its pros and cons.

If you don’t feel comfortable with NFTs, there’s always the traditional methods of donating, and as Lunduke has pointed out, no one’s being forced to do this. I think it’s great that people are trying new ways of donating to projects like Haiku. Even though it might not be feasible in the end, at least someone had a go and learnt from the process. Let’s not start an argument about this and see how everything goes.


Besides, this isn’t exactly involving the Haiku Project or Haiku Inc either, we have just been told this is going on and that we’ll receive some donations soon.

If people are really uncomfortable with receiving donations generated with NFTs, maybe the Inc can organise a vote on whether we should accept these donations or politely decline our share and request that they be given to another project.


Let’s not cut our own nose off here… Any support Mr. Lunduke provides is greatly appreciated, and these are a trendy way to provide donations that people are interested in. The project needs donations, and this is a major technology that is influencing the tech world right now.

Whether or not the technology is going to last isn’t really part of what we’re doing here and not something we can change.

What you CAN change is if Haiku survives long term. And donations are great. And this is a fun way to do it.


I suspect that has more to do with demand being high from people being stuck indoors, so gaming builds are huge demand driver

I can’t seem to understand the negative comments on this thread. Someone is selling NFTs, and putting aside some of the revenue for Haiku. What’s the exact problem here? It does not seem like Lunduke is acting on behalf of the project, just helping it and benefiting from the marketing effect of some kind at the same time. That’s cool if you ask me.