QuickLaunch: Remember last search

Hello everyone!

I have another little poll for QuickLaunch users:

There’s the setting “Remember last search term”, which pre-fills the search text box with the last used search term. Which behaviour would you think is more useful:

  • Use the search term that was last used to launch an app.
  • Always use the last search term, even if you aborted QuickLaunch and didn’t launch an app.

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Currently, QuickLaunch acts according to the first option. I don’t use this setting, so I don’t really mind either way.

Thanks very much!

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Thanks to everyone that voted. I’ll keep the option as is then, i.e. the 1st option.

I’m just about ready for the v1.0 release. I’m still missing translations for 3 strings of some of the new features. If anyone can help out… otherwise I’ll google-translate it…

We need for es, fr, it, ja, nl, pl, ru, uk:

  • Add to favorites
  • No favorites yet.
  • Remove favorite

If anyone wants to provide additional localizations, see Catkeys translators needed for 3rd party apps.

Thanks very much!


  1. Добавить в избранное
  2. Нет избранного
  3. Удалить из избранного
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  1. お気に入り
  2. 何も追加されていません or まだ追加されていません
  3. お気に入りから削除
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Spanish (ES):

Add to favorites = "Agregar a favoritos"
No favorites yet = "No hay favoritos"
Remove favorite = “Quitar de favoritos”

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  1. Ajouter aux favoris
  2. Aucun favoris
  3. Supprimer le favori
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  1. Dodaj do ulubionych
  2. Brak ulubionych.
  3. Usuń ulubione
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Lithuanian (LT):

  1. Pridėti prie mėgstamų
  2. Nėra mėgstamų.
  3. Šalinti iš mėgstamų
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Thanks damoklas! Unfortunately, Lithunian is a language that’s still missing completely. If you want to provide all the strings (there aren’t that many):

  • get the CatKeysEditor from HaikuDepot
  • download the en.catkeys
  • rename them to lt.catkeys
  • open the lt.catkeys in CatKeysEditor and translate the strings

Then paste the lt.catkeys somewhere or have me download them from somewhere.

Thanks everyone so far!

Add to favorites = Toevoegen aan favorieten
No favorites yet. = Geen favorieten aanwezig
Remove favorite = Favoriet verwijderen

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Lithuanian translation for The app:

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Ukrainian (UK):
Add to favorites = Додати до обраного
No favorites yet = Немає обраного
Remove favorite = Видалити з обраного

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Thanks everyone for your contributions!

QuickLaunch v1.0 is now finally in HaikuDepot!
I added some nice features like drag&drop, adding of favorites and putting an icon into the Deskbar tray.
Here’s the full changelog:

  • Allow the user to mark applications as favorites and show them whenever the search text box is emtpy.
  • Add option to put a replicant in the Deskbar tray for a quick launch of QuickLaunch. Removed the “Add to Deskbar.sh” script.
  • Automatically scale the icon size with the system font size…
  • Fixed layout issues in the setup window and made default main and setup windows a bit bigger. Save the absolute position of the setup window.
  • Automatically change the main window size to always fit the number of list items; font sensitive.
  • Allow drag & drop of files from Tracker or items from the main window to the “ignore” list.
    Allow removing multiple items from the “ignore” list. Also via DEL key or a context menu.
  • Show a “*” and make the item italic in the ignore list, if it’s not a file, but a folder+subfolders that gets ignored.
  • Improved page up/down scrolling.
  • Add a setting to launch applications with a single click.
  • Apply “Always on top” setting only to the main window when there’s no setup window open. The “ignore” file dialog has issues when it’s modal too: you couldn’t drag & drop files/folders into it…
  • Open and close the Setup window with ALT+S.
  • Add “Help” button to summon this ReadMe. ALT+H works too.
  • Show an error dialog if the launch of an application has failed for some reason.
  • Monitor un/mounting of volumes to update the result list.
  • Added a tip to the ReadMe, showing how to add type and signature to apps and scripts that lack them.
  • Updated localizations, thanks Begasus, Barrett, KapiX, macadoum, un_spacyar, Yowane_Haku!
  • Added British English localization.
  • Added Lithuanian localization, thanks damoklas!
  • Added French localization, thanks Anarchos!
  • Added Russian localization, thanks Akujiism!
  • Added Spanish localization, thanks un_spacyar!
  • Added Ukrainian localization, thanks Lan72!

Hey, the day after releasing v1.0, I discovered that saving favorites as entry_refs is a bad idea. Among other potential problems, updating a package (like Haiku itself, for example) breaks the saved entry_refs…

So, there will be a v1.1 soon…
I’d love if people test QuickLaunch a bit and submit bug reports. Maybe I can fix those with v1.1. Just be warned, you’ll have to re-add your favorites…


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