QT5 by ThreeDEyes

Wondering if anyone has seen this…


Seems to be progressing well! Great work by @3dEyes

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Current progress: haiku_qt5_native_look_test7.png


It’s so impressive - it looks Haiku native!

It’s very cool, as is the Yab IDE that @lelldorin is working on as well…

Haiku is shaping up really well thanks to the (mainly thankless) tasks you devs are plugging away at!

Definitely a step in the right direction concerning Qt development for Haiku and looking native :slight_smile:

Awesome! :smiley:

Really impressive. Thanks for your work!! :beers:

@3dEyes …Great work…
sorry all i’m not intended to hijacking this thread… can i ask you about what is QTquick? my son and daughter like to use Gcompris on our PC (opensuse installed) , i wonder can it is recompile on haiku without big fuss? because i’m heard that lately Gcompris ported to QT

It seems Haiku Qt contains Qtquick, so it could work. Lemme check it later.

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thank you @extrowerk

Are different color themes working properly?

Yep: http://haikuware.ru/files/screenshots/haiku_qt5_native_look_test8.png


Gcompris builds just fine wit the current Qt (5.8.1 i think) on x64, but as the Haiku Qt Port have no OpenGl context Support it doesnt run.
Afaik @3dEyes worked on it, maybe He knows more.

@extrowerk thank you very much for your information and attention… hope @3dEyes read it and give some information …

We can try build this module - http://doc.qt.io/QtQuick2DRenderer/

i’m check on github… @korli have port [gcompris] (https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/tree/master/games-kids/gcompris) last modified is ~18 days ago
i will try to learn how it…

@3dEyes - what are you coding in, which IDE? Are you using the QT IDE or something else?

I don’t using any IDE for Haiku - PE editor prefered.
PS: QtCreator work fine but gdb integration not worked for now.