Problems 32Bit Haiku on the Notebook DELL XPS15 L502x

DELL XP15 L502x After several attempts it worked. The boot process from the USB stick was carried out and Haiku runs smoothly!
To get there, I have to before the boat …

  1. Deactivate wireless (Internet) using the F2 key
  2. Remove the receiver for the wireless mouse from the USB

After booting, I can then

  1. Activate wireless (Internet) again using the F2 key
  2. Plug the receiver for the wireless mouse into the USB

Except for the ‘wrong’ language settings, great!
How can I correct this?

Do not find any entries that are similar to Deutsch, German or Allemania…

You should be able to change system language in Preferences > Locale > Language

Thanks for the hint!
With hrev54546 to hrev54547 this is done with the language settings!
The other problems (1. + 2.) still exist!

You should give some info what happens if you dont do 1. and 2.

That’s at the beginning, after the screenshot.

After the second 1. + 2., the mouse and wireless LAN work perfectly!

You need to supply much more information than this. What kind of computer is it? What kind of wlan card? What kind of mouse? What happens exactly, if you dont do 1 and 2? What does the system log says?

OK I will do that. For now, thank you!

I’m currently ‘on the go’ with the Zotac ZBOX IQ01 with Haiku Walter hrev54547 x86_64 - and it works great!