Preview of picture in the folders and desktop

I does not know if this is discused here or in the mailing lists, so i ask here for add preview for pictures in the folders and desktop.

This was one of the first things available on Zeta in the past, so it sounds like not so complicated?

Every system i know beside haiku have this feature. Please add this into haiku too.

Regards lelldorin


Dear @lelldorin,

What do you mean? Showing the thumbnail of pictures instead of a generic icon? If so, I definitely agree with you. In fact, I would also include PDF files as in other systems… That said, this feature should be easy to deactivate because, as far as I know, it can be power demanding for low-spec machines.

Kind regards.

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As long as you can turn it off why not… Note that it can slow down your system though. Haiku’s fixed set of icons is fast…

Yes thats what I mean :slight_smile:

that and a side treeview would be good to see (i cannot find that yet).

Could a tracker add-on help here, or is the API not rich enough for this? (I’ve not yet looked at tracker add ons - not sure what the limits are).

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The current API would not, but it could be extended.

However, I think it makes sense to have thumbnails as a built-in functionality. The reason it has not been done yet (besides lack of time) is we want this done right, in a way that does not slow down the system.

Maybe it is a good GSoC project idea?


There was ImageToIcon for BeOS, a Tracker add-on that set the icon attributes of an image file to a thumbnail of the image contents. Could do the same in Haiku, except now you have decently large icons possible.

That seems too little for a GSoC. However, mmlr’s Tracker.newfs has this functionality, given it shares the same codebase with the tracker I suppose it’d not be that hard to import.

IIRC the source of Tracker.newsfs is forever lost.
This summarize the current status

Too bad. At the time it was the best Tracker fork among all.

Since when? I don’t see any news about this? mmlr is still around… and it’s his project. Hardware failure?

I hope I am wrong, but I remember two details one the use of exceptions in Tracker.newfs and the other that the source code is not longer available. Do you still have all the code of twenty years ago? I am not…

Looks like he was last developing it a little over 10 years ago… not 20 years.

Did you find the source code? I will be very happy if you find it…

Have you checked PulkoMandys archive and at BeShare?
And i would ask mlotz too:

i have the source code of tracker.newfs, i will put it on bebytes

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I really would preffere to make a GSOC Project which finishs the index_server.
With this you could manage all this stuff (and alos generate attribs from the image)

Also while that is being worked on it should be ensured that it doesn’t interfere with the interactivity of the system… because most indexers do, severely often enough. IO bandwidth and IOP throttling is probably what is needed.

It would be kind of cool if it could be extended some day do to Picasa like things where it matches contacts to faces in images using OpenCL etc… And then encodes x,y values + link to the contact in the attributes.

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Ooooh whilst we’re on that subject, identify any text in the image and add a free text index for that too. This feature is built in to Evernote, and is very useful.