Preview of picture in the folders and desktop


Yeah as long as it is an addon, I think that be a great idea, though not particularly a fond of the whole Software center idea, discoverability of extensions to Haiku’s features would be nice to showcase there… sort of like Firefox does for addons (except with actually useful addons instead of sponsored ones etc…).


All nice features. I’d only use them if the data doesn’t leave my computer. Just saying…


Well yeah exactly, hence wanting it in Haiku not just Evernote.


Yes which is exactly why I’d want it on my PC… not some cloud service bleh.

Worst of all is applications that upload your data, slowly I might add, to the cloud then do stuff like this to it and then download the information back to you… every other android application is like this.

That said integration with self hosted services like nextcloud would might be nice I host one of those for myself… mainly just as a backup solution for my phone etc.


While the file attributes were something cool in BeOS, I think they have exaggerated a bit by using them in places where they didn’t belong. For instance, to save StyledEdit text formatting. It’s a bit dumb that you could loose the text formatting just by moving your file around to a different file system.


It’s not just BeOS that behaves this way; that is, move a file outside the native file system and it loses attributes. Classic Mac OS stored pieces in resource forks, and whenever moving a file to anything but HFS(+) the application’s resources would be lost, for instance.


Right, but the difference here is that we are loosing attributes that should be considered content.


Indeed. There’s some exaggeration. People is another example, it should put it’s content in VCard format and use attributes only for querying.


This gets more and more offtopic… but StyledEdit is a special case. It’s purpose is to open and save text/plain files that can be opened by any text editor on any OS. Therefore, no formatting in the file itself.
It may be of limited use, but for people using Haiku as main OS, it’s a nice and easy way to spruce up those plain text files.


It may be a good idea, since Haiku makes extensive use of attributes, to notice the user when those informations are going to be lost. With a “Don’t tell me next time checkbox”.


I think we are too ambitions with some of our ideas.

Developing code that creates miniatures in the background (using translators), deciding where to store them, designing a few extra translators so we can generate a preview for a textfile or the like (if we want that), making sure recovering the miniatures are fast, that they are carried over when copying the files around, and making sure the whole thing does not grind the hard disk permanently.

I think this can surely keep someone busy for 3 months, and we can easily add stretch goals. Plus, we would get a dev familiar with Tracker as a result and there is so much work to do there (download progress preview icon, better handling of editing the “rating” attribute for media, …)

The codebases diverged 10 years ago, and our Tracker was largely rewritten to use layout management. This probably makes it hard to merge with NewFS (but not impossible). This deserves at least some investigation.