Post your Haiku screenshot!




Isn’t it the old Win 3.1 wallpaper? I recall that system didn’t come with wallpaper which didn’t make my eyes hurt[/quote]
You’re right about both! Win 3.1, and making my eyes hurt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Say, did BeOS used to come with any wallpapers? (I’ve never used BeOS)[/quote]

You can do a search for *.jpg on BeShare. There are a bunch of BeOS themed wallpapers there. I don’t know if any of them were actually put out by Be or not though.



Yes, you can use xres to change it but I take no responsibility if you break it :wink:
Download to your home directory and then run the following:

~> xres -o /boot/system/Deskbar deskbar.rsrc
~> hey Deskbar quit
~> /boot/system/Deskbar &

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing.


My current screenshot, (happy radeon user, oh only one problem with haiku box is not working HDA sound card.)


Indeed, there are some nice BeOS inspired icons by Matthew McClintock.


So here my Desktop



In these months i have changed the look my Haiku Desktop… Here the new version :slight_smile:

(click to enlarge)



That’s hilarious to see Tiki on your desktop. I wrote that at least 15 years ago. I didn’t think anyone used it anymore.


Wow, these wallpapers must be officialized, IMHO !


Anyone interested in contacting the artist and asking permission?


Needless to say I don’t like default gray color of menus and widgets.


Not that interesting, but showing me trying to fix the last of the crashes of Mesa 7.9.2 under gcc2…ˆ


@ Kallisti5

So, are we near to see an updated mesa package for gcc4 and gcc2? :slight_smile:


The recipe for Mesa 10.0.0 for gcc4 is done. swrast is working, swpipe is buggy but works sometimes.
I haven’t uploaded the recipe because there is a bug in HaikuPorter i’m waiting on being fixed.

I got Mesa 7.9.2 building our gcc2 OpenGL kit, but it crashes a lot and needs more work before it is ready.


@ Kallisti5

Good news, anyway. Thank you for your efforts!


Nice news. And what about gallium port and llvm-pipe?


Haiku nightly from January the 3rd running on an Asus EeePC 701.



@Diogen, where did you get the top wallpaper? Also, I love the ice blue colours on the ThinkFree window - did you do that in Haiku or is it the OpenJDK theme?


Toolbar colors in thinkfree window are provided by the office suite or Java theme I guess. No such kind in native Haiku widgets, afaik.