Post your Haiku screenshot!


Shame, it looks quite nice. And thanks for the picture, really pretty.


Recent Nightly build (hrev46677), listening to Dark Matter Radio Network, using SoundPlay 4.7.3-Hpkg :slight_smile:

Indeed, there are some nice BeOS inspired icons by Matthew McClintock.

Converted McClintock icons to HVIF format:




hrev47261 x86_gcc2
OpenJDK and Qt4 soft.
Wi-Fi - SMB client muCommander.

Bonus // Video (BeScreenCapture)


Here is my current one…

And one from 2010 - Alpha1 :slight_smile:


Thank you Kim!


Hi kim1963. You have an working OpenJDK hpkg for gcc2? Cool! Where did you got it? Can you provide us an link to it? That would be nice. With TFO4.0 running on the newest nightlies haiku-os can become my main operating system again…


Yeah! It would be awesome. Please share the installer! Many thanks!


Thank to the first of the Pistooli screenshoots, I found his blog. Is a very interesting one!
Thank you!!!

PD: sorry for my poor english language :slight_smile:




@kim1963: Thanx a lot. It works well!




After some months Haiku is back on a new PC, so new screenshot!

Click to enlarge


Nothing visually special here, but after years of plugging away on an ageing Celeron laptop, I finally have a Haikubox with bragging rights:

Overkill? Yeah, and your point is?







:-● Nice!


Great work! Please remember to merge your changes back into the ARM repo. :slight_smile: Also, could you start work on Haikobo?


It is not a port, it is just VNC client on Kindle connected to Haiku on my x86 laptop.
So: it is my desktop, not less, not more.