Post your Haiku screenshot!

As i’ve said few posts ago, i’m using Psi+. Psi+ uses jabber servers (for example, and with jabber you can use a lot of services (called transport): msn, google talk, yahoo, Facebook, etc… etc…[/quote]
MSN chat also works in Caya.

Look at that. Not only is there software for you to use in Haiku, but you even have options! :wink:

MSN chat also works in Caya.

Look at that. Not only is there software for you to use in Haiku, but you even have options! ;)[/quote]

Sure :wink:

But at the moment Caya is buggy, cannot send offline messages, in its gui you cannot change your avatar/profile (at least with msn) and crash very often. At the moment Psi+ is most mature and complete. Did you have tried it? :slight_smile:

I think my post sounded a little rude. I’m sorry. I meant, “I’m happy because Haiku has a growing number of applications”. :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried Psi+.

Hey Doctor :slight_smile: Don’t you worry! Your post has no sounded rude! I understand what you mean, and i’m happy too, that Haiku has a growing number of applications :slight_smile:

OK, thank you. I saw Jabber and thought that Jabber was a different network. I will go and download it and see if it install ok on my laptop.

This is the great Haiku’s MediaPlayer, not VLC :wink:

LOL, you are right. It is Haiku Media Player. I was mesmerized by Rebecca Black : )

WPA2 works in Haiku. You have to run this command inside Terminal:

I will try it. But if not, I think I will stick with Alpha 3 and wired so I can enjoy using Haiku without more instability than necessary from a nightly.

Ooh, I totally have that “BE ORIGINAL” wallpaper too. :smiley:

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Thanks for posting the screenshots!

The Deskbar logo
This is just an image from the Haiku repository that was resized. Then it’s just a matter of replacing the appropriate resource in Deskbar. I have a patch that you can apply when building Haiku but it is also possible to replace the resource in an already built system. The patch I use is at[/quote]

did you use the “xres” command to change it? how does it work with an already built system

Yes, you can use xres to change it but I take no responsibility if you break it :wink:
Download to your home directory and then run the following:

~> xres -o /boot/system/Deskbar deskbar.rsrc
~> hey Deskbar quit
~> /boot/system/Deskbar &

it works as expected thanks for the tip.

From left to right :
BeTex with the source
LaTeX running on it
BePDF displaying the result

Picture taken the 02/07/2012


well, screenshots…
While i’m trying to establish a HAIKU workhorse at work for me (at least when R1A4 arrives) i did a recent shot last day. But it is not that stylish in a funky manner, because focus changed (RealLife™ issues) a little bit from installing, running and testing HAIKU at home on 6 to 8 different machines (mostly for HW compatibility tests) to get an old dream come true and using HAIKU as my main OS at work.
At the moment it’s just fiddeling with it, when A4 is out AND i’m successful to catch, say 80% of my needs, i’ll give a deeper look inside perhaps.

German BeUserGroup

I’ve changed my Desktop… I like to customize! :slight_smile:
Here the new version:

I’ve update the screenshot with the ultimate setup :slight_smile:

for those who are curious about icons :slight_smile:

1st icon: open /
2: open “Media” folder which contain images, music, videos
3: a script to launch media files using mplayer
4: Psi+
5: QupZilla
6: Qbittorrent
7: VNCViewer
8: Ftp Client
9: a script that let me choose which image editor-online to open inside browser
10: Colors! (the color picker)
11: a script that open “filepanel” inside a folder full of games :slight_smile:
12: xVideoServiceThief
13: reboot
14: shutdown!


Just to clarify about Giova84 latest screen shot (very cool indeed!) and to give shameless self-promotion and plug :slight_smile:

3 of my apps are used:

  1. ClearCalendar:
  2. ClockH:
  3. BeDock (the bottom dock with the background set to 100% transparent):

You might also like my mac rip-off of Dashboard call Corkboard:

Also I’m working on (although not too often) on a new Dock - here’s the preview app (not very confirgurable):

To Giova84 - I really like the icons on your BeDock and also the new HVIF icons that you changed for my ClearCalendar app and ClockH app.


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Hi hey68you!

There is nothing wrong in your self-promotion! :wink:

Yes: as you con see i am a customizer! Ehehe!
For those that like to have more PNG icons i suggest this site:

Kind regards.

I hope that soon you will release the final and fully configurable version… HiDock seems work better than BeDock :slight_smile:

I finally bought a new video card. I bought a fairly modern fanless card, because I’m tired of listening to my computer when I’m in the living room. I bought a Radeon HD 5450 PCI-E and it works FLAWLESSLY with Haiku. Thank you for your hard work on the video drivers!

I also started using my all time favorite old school desktop wallpaper. Bonus Internet points for anyone who knows where it’s from. :wink:

Isn’t it the old Win 3.1 wallpaper? I recall that system didn’t come with wallpaper which didn’t make my eyes hurt :slight_smile:



Isn’t it the old Win 3.1 wallpaper? I recall that system didn’t come with wallpaper which didn’t make my eyes hurt[/quote]
You’re right about both! Win 3.1, and making my eyes hurt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Say, did BeOS used to come with any wallpapers? (I’ve never used BeOS)

I work on porting eFTE, programmer’s editor, to Haiku :slight_smile: