Post your Haiku screenshot!

It works neatly only if there are no long file names.
Maybe it’s worth adding an option to Tracker to move long filenames to another line or hide them?
I think it would also be worth prohibiting the Tracker from placing one icon and name on another.

I never posted my screenshot:

You can see the 3 wallpapers I use on my 3 Haiku devices in the following video:


This seems to be an undocumented feature, have i to open a ticket about that to check/update the user guide?


Yes, please. This kind of behavior is not intuitive at all.

Just because … switched back to flatstyle with some tweaks :slight_smile:


We’re getting the file name from the first column in list mode because that’s the highlighted column, evidently you’ve found a bug where if you switch the name column to another position, then switch to icon mode it’s copying the name from the current first column instead.

I have a WIP PR to make the icon follow the name column and also the selection. However there’s some unresolved bugs and the feedback has been negative so I wouldn’t count on this making it in.

My advice, always make sure the name column is the first column in list mode, otherwise things like this won’t work right.

What a shame about having to use a mouse on the HP Omen. That could have been a great option if the trackpad worked.

I don’t know if it’s to be perceived as a bug, I remember that feature is there since Be’s time, at least there is in my current BeOS installation with OT, I have to try with a standard R5 without any changes

It’s a feature, not a bug. :slight_smile:
Described in the Tracker | Appearance section of the User Guide.


I guess that it’s good to read the guide again after few years for new additions, things we forgot or didn’t understand the first time.

As I wrote before it should be better to make more explicit how to change the icon label width in the guide?
I can’t even read in the guide, perhaps I did it too quickly, the possibility to sort a list view with two criteria, holding shift and clicking on another column, keeping the same order of the first selection, ascending or descending

I frankly didn’t even know that icon label width in Mini/Icon mode depends on the width of the first column in List mode. Guess I’ll add that to the info box. Thanks!

That one is described in the “Attributes” link at the “List view” description.

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no its Qmmp with older look

hi were can i find the HiqDock?

It’s available on BeSly repos.

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@janking - hope you get HiQDock installed and working. I would love to see your screen shot here :grinning:

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it looks like a picture.
so beautiful.
how to setup it out?