Papyrus Author

If anyone is a writer and would be interested in seeing Papyrus Author ported to Haiku, it looks like something they would look into if enough people expressed interest.

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 6.18.20 AM


Hade to install to se what It was… Think that the “Qt5Core.dll” says to me that it’s built on QT :wink:

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Yeah, QT and Java is my guess. So I mentioned that in a forum post (they use the same forum software, by the way; or at least it looks the same).

I’m glad they’re open to doing to it rather than just shutting down the idea completely. Didn’t seem surprised about Haiku, either.

Good day @MrEntropy,

have you seen this: Manuskript available for Haiku ? It’s something similar to Papyrus Author, written in PyQt. It does already run on Haiku, though there is no HPKG available yet. If you check that post, I haven’t learnt to package that yet :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:, my bad.


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Hey, @roiredxsoto,

I did see it, and I did try it out. I didn’t really care for it, though. It’s not as polished as Papyrus Author or Scrivener (which I usually use). I think I had various issues with it, as well.

I dont think they would do a port. Having a nativ linux port and a mobile Version is a question asked by a lot of people for years, but nothing happend for years. So i would sugget to have no expectations there.

Luckily for me, I never have expectations.

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Since they have a version for the Mac, they should already have a base to start from that’s Unix compatible and therefore mostly POSIX compliant. That would mean that they might be able to work toward a Haiku build without starting completely from scratch. Building out the UI would probably be where most of the work was.

However given that their profit would come from subscribers, they probably wouldn’t want to spend the time without at least a certain number of people being seriously interested.

Papyrus Author is currently offered for MS Windows and macOS, but in the past also for Atari-TOS (since 1992) and IBM OS/2 (since 1995).

On December 13th, 2020 I made an email request, but have not yet received an answer!
I have licensed Papyrus Author!

Say what? He told me I was the first. Now I feel used. I asked in the forum if you want a link to chime in there.

Ah I remember…
That time there was Calamus, Tempus and Papyrus for the Atari ST…
Tempus was the fastest and Calamus the professional one.
Papyrus I do not remember clearly, I think it was only for Writing Text!

I think it is too early to ask for a Haiku Version, because there may not enough user atm. But maybe you could inform the author or the company about Haiku!
So they could do some research and plan for the future…

Papyrus on the ST/TT was a full fledged word processor with different fonts and embedding graphics, just like the others.

Already done!

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Any news from Papyrus?

Nah. It would probably take more than one person to try and get them to even attempt at getting it to run. Unless there was someone there that was already a fan.