Paladin IDE release and next version plans


Hello Pahefu,

…so was it all about the language files?
Why did it happen? How to avoid that other programs run in this problem? Or just related to Paladin?

Just curious… thx


Specific to paladin code. It is detailed in the commit history, but to resume, there werent elements for a list while trying to use the first element.


I just updated to the nightly but this bug is still there!


It might require a more recent build of paladin. He mentioned the caveat of “if you build it yourself.” The build of paladin in the haiku package repos probably predates the bugfix commit to the paladin code repo. This would not be fixed by updating Haiku itself. It would require either you to build paladin or for the package of paladin to be rebuilt and updated in the package repos.


yes thx for the info…
I know… but I thought Adam Fowler is working on it and he would also offer a new Paladin build together with his updates to it…
but not heard from him for some time by now… maybe something happened to him?
Maybe someone else could update and build Paladin for the Community…
just my recommendation… I do not need Paladin in German… English is ok if I had to use it…


He’s still active on Twitter:


It was mentioned that the patch was already merged into the official source. All that would be needed is download the HaikuPorts tree and run the haikuporter recipe. It’s not as hard as it sounds, but definitely more involved than simply installing a package. It’s not hard to learn, and worth the effort to stay on top of latest developments. Especially when devs get wrapped up in other things and unable to update package repos in a timely manner. Like this instance.