Paladin IDE release and next version plans


Thanks I’ll take a look. Paladin bugs should be reported on its own page though, as it’s a 3rd party project:


It’s great to see Paladin getting updated.


I do have the same problem. Latest Paladin from HaikuDepot (before the server went down) on Haiku x86_64.


Could I trouble you for a new bug report here please:


I’m having a feeling on them having a common installed package that triggers something or old code in the depot version. I grabbed master branch latest commit when I tested the compilation…

Installing through pkgman and running it instead of my compiled one works too, with some warnings about libs not being found in the same place they were in GCC4. Tested all the new project types succesfully. :thinking:

This is almost a vanilla install with some dev libs tho.


Yeah I’m thinking the same thing. There are some optional libraries that Paladin can use (ccache and fastdep) but I’ve tested with and without both, and a couple of combinations.

I’m also wondering if its a permissions thing. Had an issue originally with template permissions and files not being writable. Only thing I can think is that the template files are copied over, and perhaps the project file is left as read only, so when it is read and written on first opening, it crashes. Without a few error reports on GitHub though I’m in the dark unfortunately.



I have the same issue that Paladin crashes as soon as I try to create a project -> a “Segment Violation Error” occurs.
I opened a ticket at your site and posted the report content in the comment - I couldn’t get file uploads to work for now - sorry, new to HAIKU.


Retested with Englishbit HAIKU and there it works fine. So Either language or 32 bit issue maybe?
I updated the ticket in the project.


Digged this, found the answer and you have a pull request on the paladin github that solves it (btw, it’s my first PR lol, may have crashed something).

Weird corner case, you needed a German Haiku os to trigger this bug, as you only support german and english locales.

That’s why my spanish os version was still working.


LOL ok thanks. I took a brief look on the train and concluded I’d have to turn everything German… Not sure I know enough German to turn it back!

I’ll have a look at the PR. Thanks!


No problem, glad to be able to help while also learning something new.

You can just temporary swap english & german catkey files and build the suite again to test (so you keep Haiku in english :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Sure, no problem.

I’ve done some further testing in the meantime. The crash only occurs with the release version. It doesn’t make a difference if I use the package from Haikudepot or if I compile it myself. Happens on both 32bit and 64bit.
If I check out the most recent code from the git repo, the problem does not occur.

EDIT: just saw on github that an issue was already created. If I can help with some testing just let me know


Ah good. There was a contributed fix earlier this week. Glad to see it is fixed. Please do test the latest on GitHub master branch.


On the latest version from the master branch it works without crashing


I’ll look at putting out a hot fix to the hpkg then. Thanks for letting me know.


It’d be really nice to see an integrated debugger one day. It’s a long way off, sure, but it would help out developers.


You can already use Haiku’s built-in Debugger, yes? I think there are plans to integrate this into Paladin, eventually, but it’d be the same kind of “loose association” the same way you can use Koder or Pe with Paladin.


Hello Adam, could you track down the german/english bug? Wich is crashing in german while trying to create a new project?
Strange thing…


I fixed it locally in a paladin fork and Adam merged the patch into the Paladin official repo, so… it works now if you compile it.

(^ See above ^)


Yeah that’s right. I need to update the hpkg with a hotfix. Not done yet, but should be done by Wednesday.

You can already choose Debug App in Paladin. If you have ‘Debugger’ installed, it will launch that for your app.