The Links on the GitHub Project Page don’t work, so here are the working Link to the Project Page:

I compiled them for Haiku and it seems that them run fine. I test it only quickly and they return Error Level 255, even if they run successfully but I think that can be changed.

If someone will test it without compile it for self, the Binaries can be found at

Feedback etc. are welcome.


Do you just compile the code, without modifying or changing the code?

Just compiled, no Modifications and/or Changes were made.

So you need to adapt the code for Haiku!

Yes I know :wink:

Well, now it should work fine.

Since they are compressing/decompressing utilities, it would be nice if Expander could support them.

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Yes, if it is practicable because they process only single Files like bzip and gzip :thinking:

But I think I we have Translators for them would be fine too.

I think the next Steps are creating Packages and adding them to the Haiku Depot. And therefore I have a Question:

Should the Package only contain the binary Files and Source, License, etc. go to a seperate Package?

The license is specified by the package description on HaikuPorts. The source package should be separate.

Thank you. Then I will read how to create Haiku Packages and try to pack those 2 Programs in such a Package.


You can find us at IRC on OFTC server channel #haiku if you need some guidance, mostly someone is around to guide you on this. :slight_smile: (in regards of creating a recipe/package)

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Looking at some of those issues upstream they are not the least :frowning: memory leaks, sevg, buffer-overflow, seeing those dates I don’t think those are addressed. So imho not something to release to the users?

Perhaps only package packMP3 as it seems to have less issues? Or, if you decide to package packJPG, add a warning to the description that it is experimental and unmaintained.
The link to the web site seems to go nowhere, btw.

I won’t be blocking it, and even help out to create a recipe, but yes some information added would be good.
I also guess it’s one of the reasons these 2 are not listed at repology :slight_smile:

For things like that, I think compression should be blocked. This allow people who already have such files to access them without spreading the problem by creating new.

Sorry for the late Reply. I had not so much Time last Days.

If you Guys think it’s not a good Idea to put it into the Haiku Depot than I won’t put it there.
It was only an Idea because I have to compile and test it for Haiku for my own (I used it with
Windows and Linux for Years). Therefor I asked about the Haiku Packages etc. because If I
do the Work, I will do it the right Way even if it is only for myself.

For me all the Links work just fine :thinking:

Follow packJPG GitHub link that you gave, look on on the right side of the page, the link I was talking about is here in about section.
Or simpler, open the readme.txt, scroll down to the bottom of the text, there’s a contact section with The official developer blog for packJPG: and same link.