OpenJDK is missing, but suddenly 150_j programs are available ... where from?


ancestris_j is activated - how is this possible?


There is no ancestris in the HaikuPorts repo. Ask your provider.


You can see the origin of a package by activating the “Repository” column of the list.


Hello. There are an issue with the OpenJDK recipe:




Thanks, but: I also know the Google search …


Thank you ~ of course right click ~ what I always say ~ but forgot here!
Incomprehensible why this is not enabled by default …

_j programs came (almost all) from the clasquin-johnson “Michel” repository (download option). 150 that worked, not for some time.
Here are 3 screen shots:


Pardon me, I was not precise in my statement.
OpenJDK is missing, means here, it is present (also activated), but it is not found (seen):


kim1963, I am ashamed ~ again I have not looked exactly enough!
Please forgive me!
After I used your first link and installed OpenJDK 1.7, I was able to install and run several _j programs under Haiku x86-gcc2 hrev52094.
Ancestris 0.9 could be installed (without complaining), but it ‘flashed’ only briefly on the tracker, nothing more.


Just to remind people: installing packages downloaded from somewhere on the net can be risky. Not to insinuate anything here in particular, just saying…


Here is Ancestris officially available:!/pkg/ancestris_j/clasqm/0/9/0/-/1/x86_gcc2?bcguid=bc197-RISF


That is not the HaikuPorts repo.