OpenJDK is missing, but suddenly 150_j programs are available ... where from?


ancestris_j is activated - how is this possible?


There is no ancestris in the HaikuPorts repo. Ask your provider.


You can see the origin of a package by activating the “Repository” column of the list.


Hello. There are an issue with the OpenJDK recipe:




Thanks, but: I also know the Google search …


Thank you ~ of course right click ~ what I always say ~ but forgot here!
Incomprehensible why this is not enabled by default …

_j programs came (almost all) from the clasquin-johnson “Michel” repository (download option). 150 that worked, not for some time.
Here are 3 screen shots:


Pardon me, I was not precise in my statement.
OpenJDK is missing, means here, it is present (also activated), but it is not found (seen):


kim1963, I am ashamed ~ again I have not looked exactly enough!
Please forgive me!
After I used your first link and installed OpenJDK 1.7, I was able to install and run several _j programs under Haiku x86-gcc2 hrev52094.
Ancestris 0.9 could be installed (without complaining), but it ‘flashed’ only briefly on the tracker, nothing more.


Just to remind people: installing packages downloaded from somewhere on the net can be risky. Not to insinuate anything here in particular, just saying…


Here is Ancestris officially available:!/pkg/ancestris_j/clasqm/0/9/0/-/1/x86_gcc2?bcguid=bc197-RISF


That is not the HaikuPorts repo.


It’s listed as Calsqm, which can be selected (as in, to be able to see it’s packages) from the official HaikuDepot website. If it was insecure, then perhaps it should be removed from HaikuDepot web.


It is NOT about if it secure or not. It is about the responsibility.
Ask your provider.


I don’t even know what you are saying. I’m just saying, by putting that repo in the official HaikuDepot website (which you can pretty clearly see - the link posted starts with, you are officially supporting it, imo.

So, it’s not software “downloaded from somewhere on the net”, and it is officially on the depot website.

Furthermore, not helping someone because something is not in a repo you manage is, imo, acting a little like a jerk (additionally, if you weren’t going to help, then you shouldn’t have replied to the post).

I would help, however, I just learned about Haiku (and so far I’m not liking some of the community climate very much).


I guess that everyone deserves the complete explain :grinning::

Some time ago, the OpenJDK package was available in the HaikuPorts repo (the “official” one). Based in that, some community repos (like Clasqm one) was publishing Java apps.

However, since some time ago (maybe since the switch to automated repo?), the OpenJDK recipe is broken, and the OpenJDK package is not available anymore in the HaikuPorts repo. Since that, the Java apps available in some community repos became “orphan”: needs the OpenJDK from the HaikuPorts repo, but it’s not available anymore.

The correct way is, in my opinion, hide that Java apps from the repo, until the OpenJDK becames available again. Let me try to contact the owner of Clasqm repo, to avoid future issues like this one.

Hope this explain could bring more lights to the issue.


Lets make it clear:
The thread was opened, because some Java dependant programs are installable without java. How is it possible? Ask the provider.

HaikuPorts are not and cannot be responsible about 3rdparty repos and packages, and about their mistakenly (un)defined dependencies.

Thats that java is currently broken is irrelevant, but your explanation is true. It is broken. Should not be, but it is.
The packages are definetly incomplete, at least in dependency-declaraton.

So talkto the provider, wich in this case NOT the HaikuPorts.
About the missing/broken Java you canopen anissue at github, as the forum is not the right place for that.


Let’s make this clear, he wasn’t asking the HaikuPorts maintainers, he was asking anyone who knows. If you didn’t want to help out, then you should not have posted.


I obviously did it, it does not change the fact that the 3rd party package does not defines correctly its dependencies, and therefore installable without JDK.
The repo/package provider should make it sure the software shoul work.
Talk to the provider.