OpenJDK is missing, but suddenly 150_j programs are available ... where from?


Furthermore, if you actually tried helping out by doing some research, you would know that the person who maintained the repo doesn’t maintain it anymore (according to the homepage of the website).

As far as I can tell, this is a Haiku discourse website, not a HaikuPorts discourse website.

And finally: if the problem was due to the 3rd party package not defining the java as a dependency correctly, as you say, then just freaking say that, don’t say “Ask your provider” - that provides no help.


Mate, that is what I’m trying, but let me try again:

I haven’t checked, but i do believe you, it is for sure unmaintained. The maintainer providing packages, which isn’t correctly defines its dependencies. They are installable without JDK. Ergo: they are broken.

HaikuPorts doesn’t provides JDK currently, but the packages still have (!) to defines their dependencies. That’s what package management about is.

You are using an unmaintained repo and a broken packages. They definitely doesn’t working. The broken packages aren’t provided by Haiku or HaikuPorts. If Haiku would provide them, you should create a ticket at, if HaikuPorts would provide them, you should create an issue at HaikuPorts.
But neither Haiku nor HaikuPorts provides the broken packages, which makes headache you, so talk to your provider.

The provider, and ONLY the provider is responsible for the provided packages, and for their dependencies. But the dependencies could comes from different repo (like HaikuPorts).

The repo is unmaintained, you say. Sad, but if you care about the packages talk to the provider and try to get admin rights at the repo and fix the packages. In the meantime you could provide JDK in that repo too.

But it is neither Haiku nor HaikuPorts problem. I say that loud and clear. Please, read me.

The only Haiku related problem is the following: why the JDK is not available. But that’s a HaikuPorts problem, and while it is a problem, it is just tangential to the original post and problem. (I think there is already an issue about it at github with some explanation, have you checked it already?)

If JDK would be available at HaikuPorts, the packages from the 3rdparty repo would be still installable WITHOUT JDK, because they doesn’t defines JDK as a REQUIMENT.
And THIS is the problem, nothing else.
The packages are broken. Period.

I think, but i’m not responsible to decide it: we don’t care if you are newcomer or not. You have problem with packages? Sad to hear. Just talk to your provider. I cannot explain you better.

If you think it differently, explain, why should Haiku or HaikuPorts care about broken packages from an unmaintained repo with incorrect requiments.

The fact is: it is listed at the depot website just to to advertise 3rdparty repos. They aren’t activated default in Haiku, you activated them. From this moment who are responsible? You activated an unmaintained repo, so be prepared: problems will come.

I’m not rude, i’m not unfriendly, i just point the mistakes in your reasoning. And there are some.

It is NOT a Haiku/HaikuPorts problem.

Talk to your provider.


I don’t agree with this. Of course, for you and me and others guys that are following this project since lot of time is a little obvious; but for a newcomer is not.

I guess that the original question deserve a more detailed explication. Not only “ask your provider”, but also why. It’s only to try to have “more friendly” answers to the new people around here :wink:

Have a nice day!


Nobody said it was a Haiku or HaikuPorts problem. God… somebody can’t fucking ask a question and get help without someone being an asshole, all because we’re on the internet and being nice doesn’t matter, right? Well, it does. And the fact that the person who maintained it isn’t maintaining it anymore means he can’t ask the provider because THERE IS NO PROVIDER.

There are no mistakes in my reasoning. If you wanted to help, then actually help. If you didn’t then ignore the fucking post. That’s precisely what I’m trying to say.


And it remains to be seen whether the problem was HaikuDepot installing regarless of if the dependency exists, or if it was because there was no dependency set. I would assume the latter, but Haiku is still alpha, so who knows.


There is no help for the situation what OP have, at least Haiku aren’t responsible and HaikuPorts have no power to help or fix it for him.
Talk to your provider, hopefully you can take over the repo and fix it for the OP.


All this talk about reponsibility and who’s fault it is, etc. etc. Apparently people can’t just help other people, even if it’s not their responsibility. Just something interesting…


Yes they can. Here are some options:

  1. Say: “It’s likely the packages dependency not being set correctly, so I would talk to the maintainer of the repo”. Ya know, actually answer the question.
  2. Give link to an openjdk package or fix it and add it back into repo
  3. Give warning that repos are unmaintained in HaikuDepot (doesn’t do this for the web version, at least).


Grab the package somehow (for example at with the download link), click on it with right mouse button, open the hpkg file with Expander, open the details and check the PROVIDES section.

If you still think it is a bug in Haiku (actually libsolv are responsible for it), open a ticket at with enough information (which package, what it defines as reqs, and so on).


Everything what you proposes are right:

  1. I told it already: contact the provider.
  2. It should come from a repo, not from a strange russian file-share site, sorry, that’s not package management, and if you install packages from shady sources, there is no way to help you. It was already told earlier. No QM, no check, maybe ransomware, botnet, etc, insert the current-most-discussed-security-flaw.
  3. The user needs to activate the repo. Haiku is trying to be nice to advertise 3rdparty repos, the maintainer should report at Haiku if he doesn’t plan to maintain his repo anymore. If vis-mayor happens, somebody should create a ticket at and propose a remove.

Try to contact your provider.


No, he asked why the package was able to be installed without the dependency being installed. The answer to that is not “Ask your provider”. It is: “The dependency might not have been set correctly by the maintainer, or it is a problem with HaikuDepot because the dependency no longer exists within the HaikuDepots repository”. THAT is the answer.

If the repo is unmaintained, there should be a clear warning when the user tries to activate the repo. Plain and simple!


@Polli The dependency (openjdk) might not have been set correctly by the maintainer in some of the packages, or it is a problem with HaikuDepot continuing to install the program regardless of if the dependency no longer exists within the repository (as explained by @un_spacyar) - in which case this should be reported on Haiku’s bug tracker.

I’d recommend trying to contact the repository maintainer, however, it seems he is no longer actively maintaining the repository.

I’m afraid that you might not be able to get much help, especially from me as I am just beginning to learn about Haiku. You could try to get an openjdk haiku package from the internet, however, I would recommend against that since it may be insecure. The only other people who would be able to help you are people who are able to fix the openjdk package for haiku that was in HaikuPorts.


You basically said newcomers to the community can f–off. How is this not rude and unfriendly?


I agree.
@miqlas, you think you can tone it down a bit?
Just imagine the poster you answer is your mother. Or even better, your mother-in-law.


I think i was fixated wy too hard to the problem, instead of the whole picture.
Sorry guys.


Don’t be this guy:


Yes - life is one of the hardest!
“The boss is also human, he just does not know it!”
This is wrong way around … but often true …

(I hope Google translated it the way I want to say it!)


Nah, xkcd often really accurate, but not in my case.
EVERYBODY is wrong on the internet.



Ok let me try. Clasqm is a user with his own repo server named clasqm too. He stop actualising his repo because too many changes has done so many of his packages (almost the Java one) does not run anymore.

Haiku depot website have the function to list extendet repos too, so you can found here more as into haikudepot without adding the extendet repos to it.

Haiku team does not Support this exteded repos, so you need to contact the repo provider please. If there is no contact available, is it bad and unlucky.


Not directly related to the discussion here, but is there any chance that we could get OpenJDK back running on Haiku?