Open Sound System for Haiku

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro Series with Haiku R1B1 release

OSS v4.2 Build 2019 was recently released.

I’m going to start supporting Creative SoundBlaster sound card hardware for Haiku for semi-pro/pro-level device driver development. I’ll support more audio chips and soundcards as time permits.

If you’re having audio problems with any of the default audio drivers, please fill out a bug report under Drivers->Audio. OSS-specific issues goes under Drivers->Audio->OpenSound.

If you are still having problems with OSS 4.2, I’ll consolidate the info here so we can assist in fixing a few things before the R1B2 release this Sept.

For testing and review, blacklist a non-working default Haiku audio driver (i.e. hda, emuxki, …) by creating a ‘packages’ file in /boot/system/settings with this content:

Package haiku {
	EntryBlacklist {
  • pkgman install opensound
  • System reboot and restart media_server. Check for media_addon_server activity.
  • Check for any muted or incorrect audio settings in MIDI, HD Audio, Audio mixer areas.
  • Test audio line out and CD playback (MP3/WAV audio formats) w/MediaPlayer (headphone test).
  • Test audio line in/microphone sound recording w/SoundRecorder (mic test).

Now this is news to me, and I’m the tentative release coordinator!

This fall is just R1/beta2, not R1.

Yes, and it contains 0 changes to drivers. In fact the drv directory in the official release image has not been touched since 2015. So I sincerely doubt it will support any new HDA hardware; and we of course are not going to modify it; it’s intended for legacy devices, not new ones.

We need to fix our HDA driver, that’s for sure, but at this point I think it’s more advanced than OSS’ is.

It is worth noting you can’t even buy the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro anymore.

Something that didn’t exist back then as well is higher quality USB sound devices… which seems to be one of the things waddlesplash is intending to support, when adding isosynchronous support to the USB stack.

I’m aware, but Ebay isn’t a real solution… as it will dry up quickly. You can’t say, base a business around the supply of used sound cards on ebay.

I already have an HT Omega Claro Halo :wink:

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I dunno, I used to work for one of the world’s biggest banks who had to scrounge parts for a server they refused to replace on eBay. When said procurement failed, there was one logic board to share between two sites (primary and backup) which required an engineer to take a taxi at 2am when either node failed

I’m not joking, either.


Yes, I know, it happens doesn’t make it any less of a bad idea.

Also, chances are they could have ran that system on either an emulator or newer machine, almost all big iron hardware has things like that available. Anyway kinda OT.

haiku supports ice1724, which is most proaudio cards with real io

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Where can you even buy those? I only see the Maya44 for sale… is that the currently active card do we know if it works?

Before somebody runs to buy an USB external device from this list, refer: External usb Soundcard for haiku? which is still true.

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I have a Detla1010, it also works. can’t remeber the chipset, but it is in tons of stuff and even the midi works last I tested.

Looks cool and quite a few on ebay still… sadly appears to be out of production.

it’s Envy24 chip from Via, still in production, and used in a lot of sound cards, no shortage, I think Maudio just update to PCI EX

Most motherboards omit legacy PCI these days so not that useful… and it would be a completely different chip for PCIe.

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Maudio did produce pciE cards, and they are out there in the market. Point is if you want a pro audio card, haiku already has a driver for the envy24 chipset.