Blacklisting of HDA driver

Hello there, been using haiku for a bit now and relly liking the experience, but very quiet. Volume sliders work, media says theres an Audio HD Connection though no sound through either line out or headphone jack. Looking around for a bit, most forums and people on the irc reccomended using the oss driver to replace haikus’ default sound drivers, so went about attempting this.

Used this as a guide:
And when unsure of the whole packages file double check how it worked with:

Installed open sound and put a replica of what Cocobean showed to use in the packages file in “/system/settings/packages” and rebooted. Sound seemed the same as before, looked like it was working from the computers view yet still nothing. Took a look at “/system/var/log/syslog” to see if I might notice anything, the oss driver loaded fine, but so had the hda driver.

Even though “add-ons/kernel/drivers/bin/hda” was blocked it was loading it from “add-ons/kernel/drivers/dev/audio/hmulti/hda”. Ok, blocked it, but still syslog still shows
KERN: loaded driver /boot/system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/dev/audio/hmulti/hda

In addition decided to check out “/dev” and found a nicely labeled “/dev/audio”, there if found both a hmulti and oss folder. While oss was empty hmulti had a file named “0” at “/dev/audio/hmulti/hda/0”.

Have had multiple versions of the blacklist, keep rebooting, still show hda being loaded just before oss along with what seems to be hda failing before giving, still messing with media setting, but nothing to be done for sound, was wondering if anyone would be able to give some advice on this.


Did you try blacklisting from bootloader menu to see if that’s working? Of course, it can’t be a long term solution as it won’t be permanent like a file. At least, you would be able to test the OSS driver.

See: #17972 (no sound with Framework Laptop (12th Gen Intel Core)) – Haiku

Looks like korli (developer) got a similar device (i.e. Alder Lake audio chip ) working with the HDA driver - so try to get a clean syslog without OSS enabled/installed (and create a bug ticket). The goal was to get many of these sound devices working with the HDA driver - as possible (i.e. for HDA compatible/compliant devices).

  • Update: Current HDA driver doesn’t officially support the Intel Alder Lake sound chips yet.

  • OSS doesn’t support Intel ICH >10.

    • OSS driver framework is legacy… we only try to use if last resort. Update: OSS doesn’t currently support Intel’s Alder lake sound chips. Don’t install OSS for Intel sound chips above Intel’s Eagle Lake (ICH10) sound chips.
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Oh gotcha, had already submitted it over at #18507 (HDA Sound Issues with a Cirrus Logic CS8409 + CS42L42) – Haiku, was making an attempt to get the sound working since its just been my mp3 for weeks. And yeah, not the first time I read the phrase “last resort” with this, was able to blacklist hda with giving it the full path unlike what was recommended in those references and oss wasn’t able to figure it out either sad times. Thinking I may try downloading and booting a slightly older image just to see if it works, but thanks so much hope everything figures itself out.

Oh thanks for letting me know about that, definitly seems good to know, got it all figured out with that file already though. Instead of what those two sources suggested I had to use the full path instead of starting at “/system”. Kind of weird since haikus main guide uses this format to:

I think I’ll try to mess around with this a bit, will make some noise if those seem to be out of date since its main site status.

The blog post you linked first is outdated, I’m pretty sure, and that “Disabling components of packages” article is up-to-date. Indeed if you see loaded driver... then it’s still loaded, and you can check this with the listimage command.

Indeed the full path should not be specified, but how that article does things is what you need to do also.