NFS Client broken

I’m trying to connect from haiku (virtual box guest) to my host system nfs server to access large files for testing I do not want to have in the VM to not bloat the image. This is though not possible. I once (a couple of month ago) managed to get it working (with kernel crashes here and there) but now nothing works. I tried these methods I found but none works:

> mount_nfc x.x.x.x:/path host 100 1000
mount failed (General system error)

> mount -t nfs4 -p “x.x.x.x:/path” host
mount: Invalid Argument

The error messages are useless and syslog also shows nothing. Is NFS client simply broken in Haiku?

Did you see this:

I’ve done this already. The error from above is with

exportfs -s -v
/path x.x.x.x(rw,async,crossmnt,insecure,root_squash,no_subtree_check,sec=sys,rw,insecure,root_squash,no_all_squash)

EDIT: The same share I can mount from MacOS so it’s a Haiku problem.

If you have any NFS related log in your syslog, could you attach them to the bug ticket?

It’s a bit tricky since I need to type off all the log stuff (no NFS so I can’t transfer files). Here what I get.

If I use mount_nfs I get this in /var/log/syslog:
KERN: nfs: nfs_params: nfs:x.x.x.x/path,uid=100,gid=1000,hostname=shredder
KERN: nfs:ip!
KERN: IP:x.x.x.x
KERN: nfs:hn!
KERN: nfs:uid!
KERN: nfs:gid!
KERN nfs: ip:x server:‘x.x.x.x’ export:’/path’ hostname:‘shredder’ uid=100 gid=1000
KERN: nfs: mountd at x:x
KERN: nfs: nfsd at x:x
KERN: nfs: RPC_PROG_MISMATCH (3,4)nfs: error in nfs_mount: General system error

If i use mount -t nfs4 I get no logs at all in syslog

From this I judge haikue tries v4 and does not support falling back to v3? Can I add some kind of option to force using v3 or do I need to run a v4 server at all costs?

I checked the server. It does run v4 and v3 so I don’t get why haiku fails with this kind of error.


There are two nfs file system add-ons in Haiku:

  • nfs which support nfs v2 only actually,
  • nfs4 whcih support nfs v3 and v4 IIRC

I don’t think there is a fallback from the nfs4 one to the old nfs one.
But clearly the nfs log show that the server replied hit support v3 to v4", while the nfs addon sent v2 RPCs.
No surprise here, considering nfs only handle v2, which is not available anymore by your server.

The lack of logging from nfs4 addon doesn’t help to know why it fail with a v4 NFS remote.
By default, nfs4 logging is only generated for Debug build. If you know how to build Haiku from its source, you could do that, replace your nfs4 add-on with this Debug built nfs4 add-on and retry to mount -t nfs4.

In any case, we’ve a bug.
Could you file all these useful infos in a bug report:!closed&component=File+Systems%2FNFS4


Sorry but I have no account there. I guess you’ve got to add this ticket.

No problem, I will.