New UI font proposal

Don’t get me wrong, but while everybody likes the consistent look and feel of Haiku, it would be nice to have a professionally designed font to make the UI more accessible, readable and modern. I would propose to replace the Noto fonts with this:

Before you ask, this is a joke, this is why i put it into Off-Topic.


Looks not really good your font

Could’ve been saved as an April Fools’ prank :smiley: but anyway… the real Helvetica (or something like Liberation Sans or FreeSans) wouldn’t be a bad idea. I personally loved when Noto Sans took over for DejaVu Sans, but could also see where these would also be a good fit.

what’s the point? web+ can do that without any special font


iT Is A Jok E…

Nice idea… great font… very aggressive punk font…
I love it!

The font is great… for conversation/rebellion/discussion…
to get attention…

It is a great art font!

This font is overcomplicated and irregular. Haiku needs something simpler, and slicker. And square like all the ui. I would like to suggest the Ahem font for it’s elegance and simplicity.


Ahem is a very very simple white text on white background…

with hellvetica finally everyone will enjoy the outstanding font rendering of ms office! :slight_smile:

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