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I create some tutorials about Icon-o-matic:

Icon-o-matic Tips and Tricks

Icon-o-matic - Creating a simple icon
** Anyone have fun to translate my tutorial?


Thanks lelldorin. This comes just at the right time. Tried to make an icon a few days ago and failed miserably :slight_smile:

The haiku guides have many Infos too

Some EGSL game descriptions:

Bubble Chain:
Going deep:

Ok, here my new Tutorial for WonderBrush 2.0

Editing screenshots:

Will be fine if someone have fun to translate it.

Here a second one about WonderBrush:

Cut out a defined part of a image :

Will be fine if someone have fun to translate it.

Thanks for those WonderBrush tutorials!

A minor comment on the Screenshot one:
When choosing the colour for the Fill tool (that is later set to mode “Erase”), you say to pick one that isn’t used elsewhere in the screenshot. That works, but isn’t strictly necessary. It’s just important to use a colour that is significally different than the border of the window you want to crop out.
A bright blue is a good pick, for example.
Mind the slider “Tolerance” slider of the Fill tool. If it’s set too high, and the picked colour isn’t different enough from the grey of the window border, you may fill more than intended…

Have you checked all steps again, because as described it doesn’t work for me. And I cannot remember exactly how we did it at BeGeistert… :slight_smile:

Things go wrong after checking the “Closed” checkbox. Simply creating a new layer, doesn’t do anything. The shape that was created has to be copied (somehow as a bitmap…) into that new layer.
What does work for me, is to copy the shape itself and set the new layer to mode “Alpha”.

If you cannot remember the simple way we stumbled upon at BG, I suggest this process:

  1. Create a new layer.
  2. Create a shape to cut out the part of the image you want in that new layer. (TIP: To make creating that shape easier, set the Opacity of that shape to half transparent while doing the cut out.)
  3. Set the new layer’s mode to Alpha.
  4. If you changed the shape’s Opacity before, set it to 255 now!!
  5. “Merge Down” the new layer to get a bitmap.

I follow my creded Screenshots from bg. I will take a look tomorrow evening.

But I know that i am found a faster way to make this like you descript to me on bg.

Thanks for you Info

This is right. I do descript like this because if you save the picture as gif or png All pixels of this color will be transparent then, so it makes sense to use a color never used into the picture.

I don’t think that’s true. You just fill the background around the window with any colour, then tell Wonderbrush to erase the filled area. It has nothing to do with declaring a specific colour as transparent as it can be done for GIFs.
PNGs have a dedicated transparency channel anyway, the GIF translator lets you either write images with a transparent channel or you set a specific RGB colour for that.

In any case, this has nothing to do really with setting the mode of an object to “Erase” in WonderBrush.

Ok i have rework my tutorial:

Sorry for this untested one, is not my way normally. Thank you Humdinger.

Neues Tutorial: HaikuDepot Web - Bewertung abgeben

Translation by intregated translation software possible

Neues Tutorial: HaikuDepot - Bewertung abgeben

Translation by intregated translation software possible

Unfortunately login into HaikuDepotServer with Web+ does not work…

Did you read the info Box in the tutorial? It does not work in WebPositive

I can log into HaikuDepotServer from WebPositive and QupZilla just fine.

Can anyone without any special permissions at the site confirm this?

Edited: You do know that you can switch HDS to German (+Russian and Slovakian), right?

yes that’s why I am confirming… I will get a server-error…

Did you use German language?

Works for me no matter what language HDS is set.
I suggest to open a ticket for this. See if Web+'s “Script console” has more info.