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Without a crash or other Info, a bug report is not possible


Sure it is. Just add all the info and details you have. Watch the output when starting Web+ from Terminal, see if there is anything interesting in Web+ Script console, state the exact error you see, etc.

It’s kinda hard to believe that nobody has been able to log in over the years, and there’s not a single bug report about that…


This is not really correct, i do a bug report

But I never understand at this time to do a bug report on git, so i let it be.


A bugreport at a github is easy:

  • Go to GitHub and log into github account.
  • Go to the project, e.g.
  • At the top, click on “Issues”.
  • On the Issue page, click on “New issue” at the top right.
  • Enter a meaning full title an the text of your ticket.

Be aware that the current Web+ won’t upload files to a ticket…


Not all projects have this issues Button. I tried a scribus. I only can commit like you told me on begeistert läßt year


Some projects (for example, Haiku) decide to track their issues elsewhere, and so they disable the Github issue tracker. this is not the case for haikudepotserver, however.


Thanks again Lelldorin for the great Icon-O-Matic beginners tutorial. I finally got around to try and make an icon yesterday and it worked. I’m still very much limited by my complete lack of talent in graphic design :wink:

But now at least I know what to do on the technical side of things.


New tutorials are online:

How to add Haiku into the Windows menu using EasyBCD

Alex the Allegator - How to play

Alex the Allegator 4 (Alex4) - How to create a own level

!! We use a auto-translate fuction of the website and it look some time a little bit strange if i read the englsh translation. I hope i translate it, or any other around translate it for in the future.

Alex4custom docu