New Haiku Installtion

Hi, I have just installed Haiku succesfully on my IBM T41 - very easy and fast (5 minutes). Very impressed.

I am totally new to this OS and have much to learn.

First off, what software is available for email and browsing the Internet?
I’m looking for a browser that is CSS and Javascsript compliant - but don’t know how far you guys have got on that yet.

My T41 has built in ethernet and I’m inside a DLink firewall for my home network, so it shoold be mainly just a cable and stuff should run (did on some other machines - but they are Windows XP Pro). So I’m not too sure how software will handle stuff on the driver side of things.

I am fairly experienced, but not what you would call a serious geek on the technical side of things (do try though ).

Cheers - Ted

Just found the web browser.

How do I make the OS recognize my ethernet card?

haiku includes script to help install a couple of extra stuff.

Web Browsers:
BeZillaBrowser (Firefox 2.0), WebPositive (Haiku’s Native), Arora (Qt Based)

Excellent site for programs:

You need to provide listdev output (only for network card)

  • listdev in terminal

That will help figure out what driver you require for networking.

EDIT: Also do “ls /dev/net” and give output here - will show if any network driver loaded for you.

Thanks, I’ll check that stuff out.

BeZillaBrowser sounds like it might be okay.

You need to provide listdev output (only for network card)

  • listdev in terminal

Will try that and see what shows.

That will help figure out what driver you require for networking.

EDIT: Also do “ls /dev/net” and give output here - will show if any network driver loaded for you.

I guess I do that in terminal as well

Cheers - Ted

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My card is an Intel Pro/1000 MT (got that from Windows Hardware/Device Manages in System Properties

listdev did not show the NIC

ls /dev/net showed: atheroswifi ipro100E

Network shows: /dev/new/pro1000/0
I did try setting that to Static and entering my IP Address and Netmask. (though on XP Pro everything is automatic to work with my router).

Just found this via Google
Something to do with FreeBSD – ?
Not sure how something like that would work if I cannot get online in the first place - bit out of my realm currently.

drivers: you’re using atheroswifi for your WiFi and ipro100E for your wired network.

Haiku has a FreeBSD network layer. It allows using FreeBSD network drivers with very little changes on Haiku.

You may have conflict with atheroswifi driver. Try removing that & see what happens. Since the ipro100 is listed in Network then it is recognized by the driver. You should remove WiFi driver and the link to it.

There is a syslog file which tells what is going on. Looking at that & attaching to new ticket helps. It is found under /boot/common/var/log

Do you feel like searching for and posting a ticket?

listdev should show all your hardware. Maybe you missed it? Do “listdev | grep net” and it should show network card but will be missing vendor & device ids this way which are helpful to know.

You may have conflict with atheroswifi driver. Try removing that & see what happens. Since the ipro100 is listed in Network then it is recognized by the driver. You should remove WiFi driver and the link to it.[/quote]

I’m quite lost now. Let’s try this one thing at a time.

How do I remove the atheroswifi driver?
I did find some bits about in the system but it said deleting it would cause Haiku to not boot so did nothing.

Cheers - Ted

Remove files below to remove atheroswifi:

Can you point me to where you got the information that Haiku would not boot by removing wireless driver?

I know that for other drivers (wired lan, audio & video), you can remove them and Haiku will work and boot.

Your syslog file will have more information on what is going on. You should search it for the two network drivers you have loaded and look at those parts.

It could be driver conflict (which I’m guessing and fairly likely) or even something else.

Just in case you don’t want to delete those files completely, I think zipping them up instead would be a good idea. Here’s how to do that very quickly:

  • Do a query (Find… from Deskbar or ALT+F) for “atheros”.
  • Select the drivers and their links and use zip-o-matic (right-click->Add-Ons or OPT+ALT+Z) to zip them up. Since they are from different folders, an “” is created on the Desktop (else it’d created in the folder of the source files).
  • Delete the (still selected) drivers in the query result window with DEL.

If you want those drivers back, just double-click the and unzip them to root ("/").


Straight from CD

  1. I put the CD in, looked at the Live CD, liked it. (The Live CD view took about 15 minutes to load everything).
  2. Shut down the machine.
  3. Started cold and picked the install option instead of the Live CD
  4. The install took around 5 minutes.
  5. Everytime I boot from the HD it takes about 20 seconds.

Machine is an IBM Thinkpad T41, 1.6MHZ with 512 MB RAM and I let Haiku have the whole disk (40GB).

I thoughtit would take a while to install, but was quite surprised (pleasantly) at it’s speed.

Thanks that worked. I used the laptop’s Delete Button and did the ignore to lose the files - zip is on Dtop. Then gave the browser a go and put a short blurb on my blog about it (didn’t do too bad) and came here to answer your reply Humdinger.

So I now can surf and will see what other browsers I can use. The default one with Hailu is okay, but a bit slower than I’m used to (IE6[very fast for me] and Chrome3[bit slower than IE6]). I saw on the software some other browsers and will have a look at them.

I’ll also try out the default email program.

Thanks for all your help on this guys, I’m sure I’ll have more questions, but will do them on a per thread basis.

Quick one tho - how do I get email notification from this forum (I have to keep browsiing to here to see if any replies have been made)?

Hey Ted!

Cool the network is now working for you!
Web+ is still very young. Still it’s IMO the fastest browser for Haiku. BeZillaBrowser is rather old and in most cases slower than Web+.

You’ll find the notification settings for this site in your profile (the little guy with the wrench on the top of the page) under “subscriptions”.


Great to hear you surfing with Haiku. :slight_smile:

Haiku has 3 main browsers; WebPositive, Arora, BeZillaBrowser.

WebPositive or Arora(Qt based) for speed. BeZillaBrowser for stronger security and few more features (very slow).

Email: Mail and Beam


Hi TZ, Beam I have, but there are no instructons on how to install it.

    Oh. I've just double clicked it and the program came up. Is that right, doesn't it intsall somewhere? I'm not used to this..... I guess I could stick in a special folder for these types of programs (feels strange doing that).

WebPositive - not too bad, bit iffy at times
or Arora(Qt based) for speed - Qt, no idea what that is. Do I need to know? (downloading it now).

Cheers - Ted
PS (1825 GMT)

    Found Arora works like Beam. You just unzip it and run. I guess I can just drag these into the apps folder, as it would seem to me that they are not location dependant.

    Haven’t found out how to create shortcuts yet. Does Haiku do shortcuts?

  • T

On the Desktop you’ll find a link to the Welcome page and the User Guide. Both will offer a lot of infos for newcomers, see esp. the “Application” chapter on un/installing programs.

There are several ways to create links, one is to drag&drop the file with the right mousebutton, offering the options to copy, move, or create a link.


I really want to thank you guys for all your positive input and help.

It looks like this will take me a long time to learn and will have to do that in my spare time.

So far:
Haiku installs fast (5 minutes on my IBM T41) - Brilliant!
It boots in about 20 seconds - great
Shutdown is around 2 seconds - even better
Web browsers (WebPositive, Arora) both work fine

Where it falls down for me is the email offerings. The Defualt Mail works, but I find having a bunch of windows up very time consuming and somewhat confusing. I tried to install several others and none of them did. The two main things people need nowadays are a good browser (got) and fast, easy email (not got).

I can chalk quite a bit of this down to my inexperience (and occasional impatience ).

I develop backend Perl stuff for websites and have the same problem. I tend to put all my clients in the complete and total idiots box, then try hard to think like them when I develop (sometimes miss that bit). So when I test out an OS I do the same.

The main thing for this was to see if it had Netbook potential (yes it does - tons of it), but again the email.

I will still play around with it (gonna take me ages as I’m a graphic designer mainly and programming comes very slow to me), but for the moment a netbook (I can get one in England from NovaTech with no OS installed) will have to run W7 until I am much more experienced in Haiku.

A lot of the devs use Beam; you should try that one out.

Yeah, I tried Beam, but it kept asking me for my SMTP address after I had already given it (several times). Got nowhere.

  1. If we're going to discuss that, can we do it in a new thread. That would be more helpful to any more noobs

Also some downloads cam in a .pkg extension and couldn’t do a thing with them (old BeOS stuff). Thunderbird was totally useless, wouldn’t install at all.

Mail would be fine (works a treat - I could send and receive no problem), now if it was all in one window (there’s a weekend project for someone). Most email packages I’ve used (Eudora, Outlook, OE and Windows Mailer) do that and I would say with good reason.

Hi Ted.

I never liked Beam too much, but I guess it’s the nearest to a “conventional” mail client known on other platforms. I suppose it just lacks a bit of polishing…

Feel free to open a new thread on email in Haiku. Just this much:
The “trick” of using Mail is to think of the app only as a simple viewer. All the mail managing is done with Tracker and above all with queries. Save a query for “When - after - 6 hours” or “Subject - contains - haiku” besides the default “Status - is - New”.
Create your own Status strings like “4later”, “Project x/y/z” and set those with the Mail app so you can query them later.
You move thru the mails in the query result windows directly from within Mail with the arrow icons or ALT+CursorUp/Down.

I admit that it’s an aquired taste… :slight_smile:


Prone to indigestion :slight_smile:

I’ll have to learn how to use the Tracker - wasn’t really sure why it was there.

Right now have stinking cold (it keeps coming back - at around 2pm on Mondays - really weird that!) so will tackle what you’ve said tomorrow or the next day and start a Beam thread then too.

Cheers - Ted

This is really strange forum software…