New desktop from BeOS user

I developed this project for linux,
A complete BeOS linux interface as tracker or deskbar.
This projet is prototype developed in gambas 3 language.
Here you find website.
any comments are welcome.


That reminds me much more of Windows 8 than Haiku or BeOS,but still it’s a quite interesting project.
Does it need GTK or Qt or does it work without a GUI Toolkit?
Does it work on FreeBSD?

It works on all unix platform who can execute gambas3 package.

Gambas use gtk or qt toolkit.

It usind openbox for the moment. But it could work on all wm.
I’m making an openbox beos clone theme.
I will use it on new video.

You can use on freebsd too and macosx
And a windows port is recent.

Yes,that’s much better :+1:

Finaly it works better on sawfish.
Openbox is fast but not themable at all like we want.
Curiously, this desktop doesn’t work on icewm because use x11 atom protocol and main root window go behind all windows… I don’t know why…
Is it existing a flat futurist beos theme for sawfish?

Maybe i should do one new distro like zevenos or other… Pourquoi pas…

I wanted to try your desktop today,but unfortunately Gambas3 is packaged neither for FreeBSD nor for Manjaro ARM :confused:
But I really don’t think that we need even more distributions,there are too many already.
If you really want a distribution that comes with your desktop,why not package a existing distribution bundled with your desktop preinstalled?

And what kind of distro do you think i need to pack?

You can choose the one you like most.
I personally find Artix Linux quite good.
I don’t want to start a distrowar here,however.
It doesn’t matter that much as long as we share the opinion that Haiku is much better than every Linux.

There was a Linux in BeOS optic in the past, but still no development anymore


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Can you please make in Vbox *.ova-image with the system and installed DE? I tried to build/run your DE, but alas no success. I want to share it with our community in my Haiku-BeOS folder in the cloud.

Ok, i will try to do this image.
Thanks for advice.

Just one information:
Do you know how to add autostart applications in sawfish wm?

i have added procedure to install desktop here:

Yesterday afte all the day in qemu, i tryed to install simple debian netinstall. After 5 hours of waiting, on wonderfull crash : impossible to install grub…

Virtual box doesn’t work on my Hp book pro I3. problem with KVM in the Bios…

I will try with one puppy linux distro…

Sorry to up this topic but 2 monthes of covid stopped my development.
I’m working on debian livecd with beos like gambas platform.

And i have some questions:

A) Do you think it’s possible to use bfs file system on this debian system?
B) what advantage will i have if i compare with ext4?

Thanks for your answers

Edit: unfortunatly, new gambas version(3.17) removed gtk2.
But easy to change librairy in ide components.

You can, but it’s either read-only (using Linux BBFS driver) or read-write but slow and unmaintained (using bfs-fuse through fuse).

On Linux it probably makes more sense to use another filesystem like XFS, or remain with EXT4 if that works for you. EXT4 has limitations in attributes size, that’s a problem when compiling Haiku, but we have a workaround for it so it will work anyway.

Thanks ,
XFS is it native on linux kernel?
Does haiku read/write it?

It is native on Linux. Curently Haiku can only read and only XFS version 4. But there is a Google Summer of Code project in progress to change this and add the current version 5 as well as write support.

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New version of star Desktop available and work on linux here :

Just uncompress in /home/user/.star folder
Just uncompress gambas project where you want.
Star gambas IDE, open project and run.
Now it works on some classic configurations.
Comments are welcome.
Enjoy !

Fun but looks a bit dated…

…Haiku - as I already claimed some times ago - needs a more futuristic UI, IMHO.


Sure about this? :wink: I started this last year to unofficially reboot ZevenOS (what the screenshot you showed is from): Zerofunction

It’s basically an alpha at this point, but more features and an x86 version are planned.

I don’t think Haiku looks dated. Maybe we can design new themes to improve the look,as long as it doesn’t become a clone of other systems. In fact, I find it t looks very well designed and much better looking compared to the ugly flat ui you find on desktop operating systems nowdays,where you don’t even know which element is clickable or not. *Consuming the user’s time to discover these things that are supposed to be there in the first place is just wasting the end users’ time. If other operating systems design teams jump into the sea, doesn’t mean we have to follow them.