Networking drops and General Hanging


I installed Haiku, bootable version, yesterday … great work everyone! I’m and anxious to get to know Haiku, however, a couple pieces of advice could be helpful.

Networking (ethernet) dies/drops after awhile, everything looks connected (DHCP, got an IP, gateway, etc.) but everything times out. It works for a minute(s), then just sort of stops. Is there a general way to just restart networking without a reboot? Then debugging it might be less annoying.

Sometimes the whole OS hangs, and my fan kicks on high. I don’t see anything weird in the process list, before this happens. Thoughts on where to start looking?

Generally, what’s the best log(s) to look at to debug these issues … I found syslog, and it is continuously complaining about some usb_device, but I don’t see anything else strange there.

Thank you again to all for working on this project. Super cool.


I get the same problem with ethernet on my VirtulBox.


I had that problem until I switched VirtualBox from NAT to Bridged mode networking.


It’s a lot better, thanks !


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Usually, in VirtualBox should set the network adapter to Intel PRO Desktop in the “advanced” options of the network settings. Switching from NAT to Bridged is not needed.
Also, remember to set the mouse to USB/Tablet so no need to use the Host key to change from Guest back to Host.



I’m not running a VM. :-/


Tips on what logs etc. to attach to a ticket at the bugtracker:

The bugtracker:


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@datafatmunger, I have network speed issues on BM (bare metal) on Realtek network hardware on an AMD A8 box with an ASRock Mobo (already reported), and seems to be related to Driver speed on some hardware. On this box, DHCP is a no go, and need to set the IP address manually.
The Ryzen box has a MSI Mobo with Realtek network hardware too, but works fine there with DHCP and with decent network speeds, both are 100MBit LAN.

Besides, on the AMD A8 box, running Haiku, same hrev52379 x64 on VBox and BM, setting the network driver on VBox to Intel Pro Desktop, results in decent network speeds, as in Linux, on BM, on the other hand, is slow. When I say “slow” I mean that browsing is slow, updating is slow, HaikuDepot is slow, though Pings outcome is nearly the same.

Sometimes I even get a network lock, meaning that even Haiku reports network is ready, there is no ping, no network access, and the router has all lights blinking like crazy disco.

Maybe you are experiencing same issues there. Search the bugtracker and add the info @humdinger pointed out to the ticket.



My two Wlan cards is not supported by FreeBSD 11 drivers. Maybe with FreeBSD 12?


Okay, gave creating a ticket a go. Seems I have issues with NVIDIA, MCP77 Ethernet … I saw it listed in the tracker in the listdev of at least one other person 8 years ago … and the complaint was about something else, so perhaps it should work?

#11 this seems suspiciously relevant … seems:
KERN: [net/nforce/0] watchdog timout (missed Tx interrupts) … is sort of where it is going wrong?


This issue seems to be working for me now with the nightly build hrev52610.


I still get various levels of networking stability in Haiku, depending on my hardware and network. I just chalk it up to Haiku R1’s targeted compatibility with BeOS R5. Anyone else here remember the unstable userland net_server days? Network instability is part of the BeOS UX. :wink:


No it’s not. Plus, we’re actually compatible with Bone, not plain R5!

So if you have problems, please create bugreports and help us fix things.


Yeah, I spoke to soon the instability returned: … it does seem related to usb_disk kernel interrupts.

I’m now trying to build Haiku to dig deeper myself, which I can NOT do on Haiku itself because of the interrupt issues (the system will lock up during the build) … so I’m trying to build on FreeBSD (since that’s apparently where a lot of the modern drivers are coming from) … but that’s also with issues of it’s own apparently:

Perhaps I will try to do a Linux based build sometime today. :stuck_out_tongue:


Most of my problems I’ve linked to instable hardware/software in my LAN itself. I’ve already submitted a ticket or two for my Haiku specific issues. Under my LAN specific issues I’ve run into an issue with Haiku not liking linking up through a wireless router set to relay mode to my main router. It will link up, but if I restart the relay router, I have to reboot to get network back. I haven’t fully tested that setup with other OS. Should I open a ticket for that?