Network woes on compiled Haiku

Wireless networking works in Beta and nightlies. I ran a build and installed it from the image. Wireless networking doesn’t work.
I get this dialog when trying to connect to a router via the Deskbar icon:

Could not join wireless network:
Application could not be found

When trying in Network preference panel, either nothing happens or the prefs panel crashes.

The atheroswifi card is detected as normal and shows up normal in all the usual places. Just wanting to see if I’m doing something wrong before posting to trac. This is my first time booting into a self built install. Vanilla sources. Only code mod is my --working-directory argv code in Terminal. Wireless didn’t work before building with that. I tested complete vanilla first.

Are you sure the wpa_supplicant package is installed?

I have the same problem after trying to update from a Beta 1 to the nightlies…
wpa_supplicant is not installed here… how to manually install it?
No WiFi and no Ethernet!

You can dowload the package from the Haiku Depot Server from another OS and put the HPKG onto a USB stick, for example.


Yes, we don’t seem to ship wpa_supplicant in the minimum build profile; but we do ship the wireless drivers in it. That doesn’t, seem very useful, either we should add the supplicant or remove the drivers…

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yes great it is working that way… had to copy the file to the desktop because I opened the usb-stick readonly… but then it was working thx…

Thanks everyone. It’s like installing ArchLinux all over again. The drivers are in by default, but the userland is only partially there. I might have found a fun little project of chronicling the different build profiles.

I can see valid cases for both ways and for leaving it as is. Having Ethernet driver’s installed and working by default at least allows testing the base build in VM. Having wifi drivers, but limited userland makes it for better customization of a custom distro. I might write a primer to document the different build levels. Documentation might be a better recourse than changing the system. I finally have one machine that’s able to do a complete build via script, from git clone to writing the image and successful exit, all without a hiccup. This has freed me up from tussling with building the system.

You can use the nightly profile (e.g. @nightly-anyboot) which will build a full image that is close to identical to official builds.

True. I’m learning what I can about each profile. I think the differences could be a bit better documented, especially now that the beta is here and progressing towards R1. I think I’ll start taking notes and create some docs for this. I kind of liken the minimal build to being like ArchLinux default install. Plain-jane, and ready for making it how you want it, or simply testing the basics. This “feature” might attract some arch addicts.