Negative perceptions on Distrowatch

I had a look at comments on Haiku Beta 4 on Distrowatch.

There are only two. The latest, posted today, is favourable, but the other is distinctly negative. It would be good if somebody more knowledgeable than me would post a response/refutation.

There is a perpetual crowd that derides anything. They miss the forest for the trees.


Are you referring to the reviews here:

I don’t see a way to reply to a review but of course Haiku does boot with EFI so the negative review is incorrect.

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I think you can just post another review/comment, and address the issues mentioned.

Everyone can only evaluate from their point of view and the required benefits. There will always be those who will not like haiku. It would be strange if there were only positive reports.

And let’s be honest, criticism strengthens and ensures progress


It depends on the criticism.

My impression is that anything which is not linux is demanded way more than it should when inside distrowatch.

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I just read the review page.
Average rating 7.1, is not bad at all, for an operating system that is still in beta!
And also, Haiku’s Page Hit Ranking for 2022 is 63rd.


ignore the Karen hater mob, they never did nothing of note


As of time of writing Haiku is only ranked 61 for page hits over the last week. This is a little disappointing as it s not far from the long term trend and it shot up the rankings when Beta 3 was released, even in the top ten for a short spell. Maybe that is the effect of a holiday release?

That said, Distrowatch is at essence just a popularity chart for linux distros, and the apparent success of an OS there likely should be judged a reflection of its technical merit as much as a song’s position in the music charts.

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“them just stewpid”
DW site lost some respectability throughout the years in my perception.
I care little to have a look. Someone here refuted a point of Uefi allready.

raise fake anger
What more heinous slander does their stale pit emit?
State points in this thread, will see if I can help fix some blurry vision among the people who are stuck with the plebian normieboxes.

DistroTube vid on youtube brought me here, wouldn’t worry too much about some static listing site.

All in good fun.

edit: made bookmark “contribute ideas reply the nega nellies” techpoints and memewrapping.
Also looking to make a day-djeb out of my “supposed anon and FOSS computery”.
(Follow and say hallo at the gamestreamingwebsite channel wolklichtkogel)

That video is pretty good and informative. Haiku Is Such A Unique Operating System - YouTube


Very nice video! The presenter obviously has used Haiku a bit before making the video, which is refreshing when compared to other, completely unprepared people giving their “review”. :slight_smile:

Though, when placing the Haiku logo in the Backgrounds prefs, I almost shouted at the screen: “Drag it around with the mouse, for god’s sake…” :smiley:
(I suppose that fact it - for some reason - wasn’t visible on screen at the start didn’t help…)


Maybe a tool tip in the coordinate box?

Users would only see the tootip when resting the mouse on the preview. In which case they probably already interacted with it and found out it responded to dragging. Already the mouse pointer changes to a grabby hand whan above the preview.
I think the reviewer was just too linuxy keyboard focused… :slight_smile:


  • Knoppix got 7.5 and NetBSD got 7.2.
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It wasn’t the score, but the ignorant comment, made at some length, that I thought should be refuted. I would do it myself, but I am not sufficiently well informed on technicalities to do so.

I was thinking a tool tip on the x y input fields to suggest dragging in the preview box above.

Let’s not over-think it. My comment was meant jokingly. I don’t think we need to tooltip the obvious. If there’s a miniature representation of an image on a preview screen - which even moves when entering coordinates manually - the obvious thing is to grab it and move it where it should go… :slight_smile:

I am at the point where I don’t care about Linux or the people with strong opinions about it, because, simply put, the Linux world is chock full of complainers and whiners who demand instant answers and instant gratification.

ESR was right. People need to learn how to either RTFM or simply proceed with caution and care, and learn how to ask developers the right questions without coming off like one feel’s entitled to the help.

Haiku is the way for me now.

I would rather burn alive than deal with linux anymore.

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