Name that Firefox port

Well, it is really just 2 syllabbles - as it is not an english word but japanese, so to pronounce it like the two english letter : Q and B - from alphabet.

Kyu - bi
  Q -  B

So the ‘y’ here is just as in the City name : York,
not as in city name : Kyoto or Tokyo,
not as in family name Myers

The emphasis is on the first syllable, so ‘u’ is long - I should have use a
‘u’ with hat on it, but I was lazy.
As we have no such letter in Hungarian, so not on my keyboard. Also last time I could not copy from chararacter map application so I do not probe that lately to help me out. To copy the name from fandom wiki - it launched in my mind just right now. :frowning:

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I propose my version : Fox


It sounds like a bit stretch. We don’t need to name everything Haiku related in Japanese. It should be simple and approachable, not some uncommon deity name.

No problemo – at least from my side.

It’s some playful, joyful act that bring happiness into daily life for whom can go back to shiny days of their childhood and do some voting , guessing for their imaginary picture(s) held in their heart.
It is innocent and not so bloody serious item some might think - especially it is not finalized or near finalized to worth to name it.
It is/was a game until the mood has/would not broken down by the sober adults here. :j

Anyway, I - or anyone else - can take it as @MrEntropy posted above :slight_smile: :
name it as you think or felt as pleased yourself on your own (or on your desktop).

but anyway - firefox hasnot been compiled yet, but we count chickens before they hatch :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It is compiled, but it is crashing now because the missing EGL support in the Wayland stuff.


sorry meant it crashed because of EGL :expressionless:

WebFoxsitive lol


LOL An anagram of firefox is “ForeFix” (as we fix what’s before the browser, i.e. the OS)

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How about Mammoth or Snuffleupaugus?

Slow, lumbering, but reliable and powerful.

I’ve been reading Coders At Work by Peter Siebel and it has a great interview with JWZ and some history of Netscape and it’s subsequent open sourcing. Netscape 4 became bloated through the Collabra acquisition - while Netscape 3 already had an email client which was tight and efficient. Mozilla and Firefox were based on the bloated 4.7 or 5 release.

You can locate leaks of the netscape 3.x codebase on github and on Too bad Mozilla wasn’t based on 3.x.

Who actually called for giving a name to an non existent browser?
How many Browser does Haiku need?


– Working one ?.. All of them !

– Crashing one ? None of them !

Some native, some small, somne feature rich, some enables working modern sites, some enables to download as none of them, some successfully blocks ads and malwares, some just needed as let’s use in a familiar way just as it was used on another OS … should I continue more ?..
Why just the browsers diverse availability itself bother some of us to speak up against it … time-to-time ?

One and only problem is – regarding ANY browser on Haiku – if it crashes or cause a KDL. Period.

This thread was opened to let’s give a playful space where we can express the child that hopefully still live in us.
I’m so sorry for so many adults here who forgot how was then you had used your imaginary and enlisted with shining eyes to your mates what just came up in your mind on the topic you had discussed …
Please – all of you – don’t close your closet to us - who still had not forgotten this perky feeling.

If it would irritate any of you – I suggest … may remain a wise adult and do as they would do : keep quiet and even noding your had – murmuring only yourself : " Childs !" or “Childish!”

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How many browsers on Haiku can do everything the typical user needs?

I would say that having Firefox and Chromium running on Haiku is much more important for users of Haiku than any other browser, including WebPositive.

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Honestly firefox and chromium suck so badly nowadays that it’s kind of moot. I’m quite happy that we actually have webkit with a mostly working browser : )

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This is an overly subjective and emotional statement. The fact is that Chromium and Firefox are the most used and developed browsers that Haiku can have.


except the entire design makes it unsuitable to port, evidenced by us having a native working webkit browser and no firefox based one, despite the firefox port beeing first.

Yes my statements are subjective.

From a technical standpoint I don’t like chromium either, they implememt way too much api surface and clearly want to be more than “just” a browser, also as evidenced by chromium OS.
Good examples are bluetooth api, webmidi, location api, web notifications etc.
The webblocking api is also unreliable and replaced with a far less powerfull one.

Firefox includes malware per default called “firefox studies”, and generally seems to follow in chromiums footsteps in the UI way, seemingly making the browser worse each version.

Webkit is “just” an engine, it has a powerfull adblocking api, doesnt include webmidi and we can control ourseöves pretty much which of these terrible apis we have to ship or do not ship.
We also don’t have a malware side channel in the browser as a default feature, so that’s a plus.

Edit: note that most used is a moot metric. By that argument you could just use windows on the desktop, or android overall for most used. : )


Don’t you consider “malware” a bit of a stretch? Spyware, maybe, but in my experience over the past two decades I can’t recall any malware I could “opt-out” of, or leave out entirely, in the case of porting a piece of software.

No, I ment what I said.

Ärger bei Mozilla - Firefox-Fans wittern Verrat - Digital - (german)

A side channel to install malware with, which was used for that purpose by the browser developers doesn’t shine a bright light really.
Also, the setting is not named anything like what it was used for, and enabeling this by default is kind of insane. Yet here we are.

In addition porting “Firefox” might just not leave you the option to disable or remove such channels, because they wield the trademark on the name as a potential weapon. That is also why firefox was not called firefox on debian for many years because of packaging disputes.

Why do these browser topics always get so emotional?
First of all,I agree that Chromium sucks and I really hope we’ll never have a port,because it doesn’t make sense at all.
It’s Google spyware,and they couldn’t care less about alternative systems.
The BSDs have to maintain huge patchsets that change with every Chromium version,because patches to make it work there don’t get merged upstream.
That’s clearly a waste of work.
But with Firefox the situation is different.
Yes,they do a lot of shady stuff,like those “studies” or the big amount of telemetry Spyware that Firefox has built-in.
While I dislike a lot that Firefox does,I still haven’t found an alternative that makes me happy.
I tried many WebKit based browsers on Haiku,Solaris and BSD,but they all lack tons of features and don’t support extensions which could add missing features.
Even with the Firefox UI getting worse with every version and always removing features,it has still a lot more to offer than all of the WebKit browsers.
By finding an alternative name for Firefox,we would also have the possibility to remove Studies,Telemetry and other bullshit without violating their trademark rights,as it’s not Firefox anymore.
Maybe we could also use LibreWolf ( instead of upstream Firefox for our port.
They have already removed Studies,Telemetry and other anti-features,and they may allow us to ship their branding if we ask nicely.
Honestly,I prefer LibreWolf over vanilla Firefox very much,and don’t really understand why so few libre OSes ship it in their repo so far.