Name Suggestion for native Haiku Web Browser

I would prefer something fresh and unique. A name that expresses something profound that is not conveyed by the other browser names.

A name like Publicity

This name isn´t stale, a joke or mere nostalgia and it has some profound meaning. (The same way “Transmission” has profound meaning.)

“Publicity” reflects how a lot of people use the web today, with blogs and social networks. It says something about Internet core values: openness, freedom of information, freedom to commune. One could also take it as a comment on the present state of anonymity online.

Cloud 9.

Other than that… +1 for WebPositive.

Silk… or maybe Kimono?
Silk implies web, but Kimono slots in nicely with Haiku.
Maybe a cherry blossom for a logo?
Tag line? “Wear the web out.”

Another word implies web too:


A spider, in japanese.
Spider, Web, Wild, Nature, Haiku… you know.
Logo is obvious, and for tag line, “Catch the net buzz”…

I can’t believe I missed this thread until now :slight_smile:

As they say, we Haiku developers don’t check the forums on the site as much as the mailing lists.

For those who don’t know, I originally ported WebKit, and am the main (and right now only) developer of the native Haiku web browser. I am currently working on a prototype to work out the multiple process architecture, as used on Google Chrome.

Anyhow, I was brainstorming the other day and came up with a name I like, though for now I consider it a code name. I think just for fun I’ll keep it to myself for now :wink:

I do like a lot of the names here though, and some are so good I may just change my mind about using the name I came up with. A lot of this depends on whether other projects use those names, and maybe if good domain names are available for the name as well.

Some of my favorites:

Publicity (quite close to my name BTW)
Kimono (and the cherry blossom logo in general)

I am not really a fan of the Net* or Web* names, though NetProse isn’t too bad. No offense :slight_smile:

And Taiko definitely should become some kind of Haiku drum machine or MIDI software!

Anyhow, thanks for the ideas, that are giving me something to think about.

What about:

Short (B)e(M)y(W)eb Browser (BMW Browser) :slight_smile:
or just
Web or Bew

nevermind :slight_smile:

I think in these japanese composed words

Zubimaru - Snake Tail
Hihiou - Babuin King

think: Zubimaru, the web browser from Haiku!

What about Andador = Walker

my favorite is kimono.
sounds great

Web+ is a good tribute to Net+, or are we striving for something far more unique like firefox is to mozilla? If that is so, isn’t Walter more appropriate, after all it lost to Haiku. :slight_smile:

Surfer would be really cool. The name has to communicate the function, has to sound cool, easy to remember (and therefore the name has to be bound to the function too), and as plain as possible. A simple word, nothing else.
Personally I don’t prefer the Web or Net prefix, it’s already overused, and makes the product sound unprofessional, so from a marketing viewpoint, I highly recommend to drop that idea.

+1 for Kimono


Be careful with those japanese words, if you go with japanese names for 2-3 applications, consistency forces you to find japanese names for the rest of the applications (or the forthcoming ones at least), the other way the whole system becomes a mess (go check linux if you don’t believe me). It think after deciding this issue, it should be a paragraph in the Haiku developers handbook, “how to pick a name for your application”.


We can call it “da BOM” for short :slight_smile:


NetProse is neat, but I’d think “Prose” might be more appropriate for a text editor of some type.

I think going the literary route might be more interesting and thematical than going the Japanese route. BeOS has in my mind always been a bit more refined than regular OS’s and going with a literary bent would bring associations with high culture or refinement, that kind of thing.

I like how Senryu, the VMWare distro, is both Japanesey for the base association with Haiku but also a form of Japanese poetry, so keeps the same literary theme as well.

Some of the other types of poems and literary terms are neat, here’s some for reference:

Until then I don’t know what means -O-matic names eaueahea

Well I know everyone is having fun coming up with names, but I think I will go ahead and reveal the name I came up with.

The story is basically that I was looking for a good Japanese word related to haiku poetry. I started looking at the different words associated with seasons, since haiku are supposed to contain a reference to a season.

Well it turned out while browsing the list I saw an English word that I liked a lot. I think it is a good name that is classy, unique, and evocative the Haiku user experience we want: Tranquility.

It also happens to be the same number of letters and syllables as NetPositive, so you can’t complain it is too long :slight_smile:

I still do like a lot of the other names given here though, so they might get used on other projects.

ow Ryan

I like too much!

mainly because my favorite band name is dark tranquility heuaheua

after Soilwork, of course