Name Suggestion for native Haiku Web Browser

I saw recently that some developers had expressed an interest in creating a native web browser for Haiku and it got me thinking about names…

How does NetPoetry or NetPoetic sound?

I’m kind of new to Haiku and BeOS and maybe you guys have some better ideas, (or have already chosen what you would like to call it) - so this is really just a brainstorming thread.

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Peruser-Palooza or Perooza :slight_smile:

Whatever it will be, “Web”, “Net” or something similar should be in the name to give the user a strong hint what he’ll get when just seeing the name.

With everything being Web 2.0 nowadays, how about WebPositive 2.0?

I love NetPoetry. Or maybe WebPoetry. Something like that anyway, I like it.

  • webSurfer *
  • netSurfer *

*Keeping the “surfer” icon

  • Taiko, the japanese drums (or this might be the name of some program/theme or a Haiku future version)

Voyager is cool :wink:
or NetVoyager
or WebVoyager

First post here, though I’ve been reading for a while. Felt like commenting on this…

My suggestion would be NetProse.

Seems fitting as a lot of web tends to involve responding to stuff. I’m not opposed to merely incrementing the version numbering on the original BeOS app names, either.

Or maybe just… Surfboard?

Genki, Splash, Sprawl.

No? How about “Sex, Lies and Video(tape)s”? :wink:

Knit? Knitter? KnitPicker?


also, how about a hark to the good old days: WorldWideWeb 2?

I prefer Web__ than Net__.
WebVoyager sounds pretty good.

Other than my own suggestions, my favourites so far are Surfboard and WebVoyager.

Some great suggestions!

My ideas :

HaikNet or HaiNet
HaiKi --> Haik + I(nternet)

And congratulations again for your great work !!!

What about “ISTOS” , its the Greek name for WEB.


Haiku abbreviated with a positive… explosive and powerful; like hydrogen.

I was gonna suggest Surf+ or SurfPositive

but im likeing H+ a lot short and sweet

Voyager is the name of the native browser of the QNX (operating system). Than I think it cannot be the Haiku’s browser name.

And what about the Haiku Webber?

how about Kigo or KeyGo… means that you type the keyword which is the website URL and then the browser would go find it on the internet.

“A haiku traditionally contains a kigo” -

[quote=dancso.robert]Voyager is the name of the native browser of the QNX (operating system). Than I think it cannot be the Haiku’s browser name.

And maybe old browser for AmigaOS. So, and what? Both are not unreeled already practically.
Always stays yet NetVoyager and WebVoyager.
It would be good also, if name woke respect and was stately to create new mark. You know: Safari, Chrome, FireFox.

NetVoyager sounds good! :slight_smile: