My Telegram account was banned after signing in on Haiku

Thanks! It just happened today, so I’ll look for the email in the next couple of days.

This just happened to me, too. Installed the client on a new Haiku install, logged in, was able to see my messages, did some other stuff (mostly browsing the web and installing more apps), came back and noticed I was logged out. Punched my number again and got “This phone number is banned”. Tried on my phone, which had logged itself out, too; same result.

I’ll shoot an email over shortly; hopefully Telegram’s support will be able to sort it out.

Ate you running Haiku in a VM like last users who get banned?

@Starcrasher Nope, this was bare-metal on a laptop.

Checking in from Haiku R1 Beta 2, my Telegram account was banned as well after verifying my Haiku login from my Android phone.

uname -a
Haiku shredder 1 hrev54154+123 Apr 16 2021 08:35 x86_64 x86_64 Haiku

EDIT: Sorry, I should give more info!

Telegram Desktop is at version 2.7.1

I’m running on bare metal, not a virtual machine


They unbanned me really quickly. I so so so want to use Telegram on Haiku. Really badly. But I’m in the same boat as you. Telegram is my primary method of communication with my family and friends. I can’t risk having it banned again, it is simply too disruptive to my lifestyle.

I sent a detailed message to the official Telegram Support hotline. They didn’t respond at all, which was curious. Perhaps they’re as unaware as to what the problem is as we are.

Anyway I’m still going to use Haiku :slight_smile:

what happened to the haiku software for voice and video chat that was under development a few years back ??

I am not even sure the guys over at Telegram are aware that there is a Haiku client so that they could fix this from their side. The code is not even upstreamed so… Such occurrences should continue until Telegram guys are made aware and put their checks in place.

They know about the Telegram client for Haiku, and even some telegram contributors are actively helping with advice. There is even a bit of haiku-specific code in the Telegram upstream.


I also don’t think the ban was directly related to the use of the Haiku version of the Telegram. Apparently, the servers have some kind of heuristic that analyzes unusual activity. I have been using Telegram in Haiku since September 2017 (since the first successful haiku ported) every day and without any problem.


That was VOPTOP: Voptop, voice over peer to peer
It looked (or looks) so promising!
Native to haiku? But without the possibility of using a webcam (camera + micro)?
By the way:
Telegram is installed here on 2x 64bit + 1 x 32bit Haiku (hardware), as well as on several Win computers and Android SmartPhones and is used by me for direct written communication without any problems.

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I guess that was a strong reason for them not maintaining the Haiku port in current versions. Anyone wants to finish the webcam driver?


@3dEyes has made some advancements in this area recently :wink:


He did not touch the webcam driver. He just proved that everything else in the media kit is working properly and the webcam driver is the only missing piece.


True, it was a ‘different’ camera …
As far as I know, Windows (only 10?) has a universal driver on board with which WebCams can be used immediately after plugging in USB B or USB C).
Maybe 3dEyes is already secretly working on such a driver for Haiku …

We have an universal driver for UVC webcams too. But it’s not working. Probably just some bugfixes are needed.

Does this webcam driver totally not work, or (at least) limited with (partially) ‘compatible’ models?
There are probably two or three older webcams in a box (which one?), One on the Win PC, one in the DELL notebook, one in the Win tablet …

Very off topic here but nice to remember, this deserves a new thread.
Sadly we do not have a working webcam driver at all.

Would be so good to have in times of Corona/Covid19…

Yes same here, I use Telegram to move data between my communication.
Maybe you joined some strange groups?

Just out of curiosity, where in the Haiku source tree is the driver located?