My Telegram account was banned after signing in on Haiku

Pretty self-explanatory. I signed in on Haiku, and minutes later my account was deleted and banned. I don’t know whether this is an issue with Telegram or the Haiku package, but this is obviously a serious problem. I just lost years of conversations without warning. I will never be able to contact some of these people again even if my number is unbanned.

I used Telegram on Haiku last year without my account getting banned. Something clearly changed.

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It wont help you, but i use Telegram on Linux, Haiku, iOS, Android with the same account and never happend anything like that. There must be some other reason, contact Telegram.


I’m also using telegram a lot, on Windows and since a few days also on Haiku: looking good over here…
But I most certainly don’t want to loose my conversations! Hopefully you can find out (with the help of Telegram people) why this happened with your account…

Good luck and please keep us posted I’d say…

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I was told by one of Telegram contributors that there is an email you can write to with your phone number.

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I contacted them and they gave me my account back (which is somewhat concerning because I thought account deletion was permanent, but I digress). They didn’t say what the cause was, but I still suspect it was the Haiku package. I’ll try to find out why it happened.

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Telegram on Haiku uses Debian’s telegram api_id. It mostly looks like a coincidence so far as a there are quite a few Telegram users on Haiku.

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The exact thing just happened to me. I think this is a bug with the telegram package for Haiku, although I also run debian on another computer and was logged in when logging in on haiku, so maybe its an app_id conflict.

Reading this while chatting on Telegram in Haiku in a VM on the other screen. WEIRD FEELING. :sweat_smile: We’ll see what happens. :wink:

I have been using Telegram for Haiku since November 2017. Everyday. Without any problems.


Reporting I got banned too. I’ll see if the email line is any use :confused:

FWIW, the email line is responsive when you ask for an unban. I’m a little considered to try signing in from Haiku again though…

Maybe someone getting in contact with the Telegram guys can ask what exactly triggered the erroneous ban. Then it might be fixed in Haiku’s port.

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Also when you get banned, it would be interesting to know how you are using Telegram. I mean the conditions, not what you were doing with it.
Are you using Haiku in VM? In this case, where you also logged in from the hosting machine. What kind of host was it? Debian or derivative?
Aside of this PC, at this moment, were you logged in from another one? What kind of system does it use? Debian or derivative?
If Telegram support doesn’t give enough details, it will be the only way to narrow when it happens.

Me too…

I have no problems running Telegram on many systems, at all.
Haiku Desktop 64bit, 32bit, laptop intel atom haiku 32bit, mobile, Windows, Ipad. Never had problems, only at the first versions of Telegram and that was to sign in then.


According the site, the app is made to allow multiple conexions simultaneously so this shouldn’t be a problem.
Are we stiil using Debian’s api_id. To get one specific to Haiku seems more than recommended and quite easy.

I was using it in a VM, and still logged in from the Fedora host - I don’t see how that’d be very suspicious though, considering it’s all the same IP. It’s not like I was logged in from a sketchy different location…

Did they give you some infos when they restored your account?
If they don’t tell, we can only guess.
Same IP yes but, what about app_id? Are they the same or different?
In case they are same, their bots could think someone ghosted you and disable account for your safety.
I see no reasons if app_id are different and banned accounts would be certainly more frequent but Telegram people are the only ones to know for sure.

Nope, they just said “ok, you’re unbanned, call back if you get banned again” basically. No explanations.

I was just using the Haiku Telegram app in a VM on my Mac running Parallels, and it banned me as well. I authenticated, it brought up my conversations for a split second, then it banned me. I sent them an email detailing my problem but I haven’t heard back yet. For those of you who had your numbers restored, roughly how long did it take?


I had the same issue. In my case, the unblock was fast (one, or two days, don’t remember well). I also received an email.