My Haiku Ports List


Since I’m porting a lot of software to Haiku, I decided to create this thread to keep track of each port. I’ll not open new threads for new ports (except for special cases), I’ll keep this thread updated instead.

Sucessful Ports:

  • TuxPuck | v0.8.2 | 14/Aug/2023 | games-arcade
  • Another World (neo-raw) | v0.0.1(git) | 15/Sep/2023 | games-action
  • Heart of Darkness (hode) | v0.2.9f | 20/Sep/2023 | games-action
  • PE-bear | v0.6.5.2 | 09/Oct/2023 | apps-forensics
  • ClamAV | v1.2.0 | 18/Oct/2023 | app-antivirus
  • melonDS | v0.9.5 | 20/Oct/2023 | games-emulation
  • Yara | v4.3.2 | 25/Oct/2023 | apps-forensics
  • Flashback (REminiscence) | v0.5.2 |25/Oct/2023 | games-action

If you like what I’m doing and you want to give something back, please consider donating something to HAIKU developers AND/OR to the developers of the software I’ve ported.


How can a person tell if an app would port well, or be difficult - so that they don’t waist their time on it:

  • The OS it comes from - BSD, MAC, Linux, Win ?
  • Its programming language - C++, python, java, rust, GO, ?
  • Its cross-platformness ?
  • Something else ?

First thing I do when I want to look into something new, check repology and other OS’s on dependencies, sometimes it’s not even possible due to certain specific libraries, sometimes libraries are missing, and need to be added to the depot (I only add them on successful build for the things I look into).

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Added melonDS (standalone) to the WIP ports list



Really should find my porter notes again, as there have been a number of port attempts that haven’t progressed much. It also has a lot of possible next ports that may be useful to anyone else interested. Hmm, I may have posted an earlier iteration of it on the forum somewhere?

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ClamAV 1.2.0 is now available (HaikuDepot) :slight_smile: I upstreamed the applied patchset, let’s hope it will be accepted and merged (upstream PR)


Nice job mate! You rock.


Thanks for working on this and your patience with me :wink: :ok_hand:


@Begasus it is alway a rewarding experience fixing my bad recipes with your suggestions! :wink:

melonDS PR is now live: melonDS: added recipe by Luca1991 · Pull Request #9646 · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub


Some (good) news:

  • ClamAV upstream PR was accepted this moring and merged (next time we can build ClamAV without any patch at all)
  • I succesfully ported DIE. Screenshot:

    This is another important step in being able to do reverse engineering/analysis of malwares on Haiku (as host OS).
  • I have prepared the patch that will be upstreamed for melonDS

@Begasus: I noticed that some of my earlier ports are missing the icon. Can I add the icon to the current recipes and the just increate the revision number? Is this the correct way?

@rjzak: Hello, I see that you have ported Ghidra. This is a tool that I really need (not really a fan of Ghidra, but since there is no IDA…). Are you going to create a recipe? If yes, I’ll wait for it (thank you!), but if you are not interested in Ghidra anymore please tell me, so I can create a recipe for it.


Yes, this is the way. Did this with a couple ports in the past.

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I already got a recipe for ghidra, but can’t seem to build it as a dependency for Cutter (on that note, both Cutter and Iaito are in the depot), got some help from upstream but haven’t figured out why Cutter wont detect rizin at this moment (without patching that).

Is cutter really needed for Ghidra??

No, you can run Cutter without it, but it should be possible to add it as a plugin there, no success here, if you like I could post a PR at haikuports for it, haven’t found a use case for it beside Cutter (afaik Iaito doesn’t use it).

I feel like @Luca91 is talking about porting the full-blown Ghidra (link to @rjzak’s Haiku port), while @Begasus is talking about the ghidra decompiler plugin for Cutter/rizin. The latter is written in C++, with no dependencies on Java.

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My bad :slight_smile: Indeed had the one from rz-ghidra, sorry for the noise :slight_smile:

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@Luca91 I’m happy to make a recipe for Ghidra and to update the port to the latest version.

I wasn’t aware anyone was using it so I had lost interest in it. But I’m happy to get back to it if it’ll help you, and thank you for reaching out.


Hi @rjzak yeah I use IDA eveyday, but since it isn’t available for Haiku, I would use Ghidra here instead.
So yeah, a package would help me and other ppl interested in reverse engineering and malware analysis.

  • melonDS is now available on HaikuDepot. 32bit build is currently broken, I don’t know why yet. DUE TO THIS ISSUE, I’m not upstreaming my patch yet

  • PR for Flashback is now LIVE.


The error on 32bit is a separate thing to bringing the support for Haiku in the patchset, so I would still upstream this and deal with the error when you get the time for it. :slight_smile:


I saw that RAW port (Another World) has been pushed. At this time, there was another game with the same title so, in some countries, the game has been released as ‘Out of this world’. I you have doubt, as the link on RAW page is broken, it is this game.

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