Moderation == censorship?

Creating a new thread, because the new thread that was supposed to bring another drerailed thread back on track, got derailed…

The scene: A post of SCollins was marked “off-topic” at the announcement thread New/updated in HaikuDepot - #338 by SCollins and was not migrated to the new thread, because it was quoted in full already by another thread.
And thus started the drama.

i was referring specifically to the watermarking, that is a truly obnoxious feature, and all it does i irritate everyone, it doesn’t in anyway prevent piracy.

and whoever is hiding posts or reporting posts or being the moderator super hero, cut it out, you’re behaving like a child.

there’s nothing controversial about the word obnoxious

if someone is so easily offended by conversation, what is this person doing in the adult world ???

i said watermarks are obnoxious, I stand by it.


Who said they are offended? I moved all the off-topic comments from the announcement thread to this new thread and didn’t move yours because it was quoted in its entirety in a following post. There’s noting more to it. This once you’re not the unfairly prosecuted victim…


If you want freedom of speech, start your own blog or forum where you decide what’s posted. Here we try to maintain some level of civility, several people report your messages as annoying and preventing a peaceful and constructive discussion, and the moderators generally agree and hide the messages.

Freedom of speech does not force us to give you a platform to share your speech.


censorship is a intolerable behavior, anywhere it surfaces, and should be rejected outright. the reason i get annoyed is that someone with admin privileges and a very thinly veiled behavioral problem continues to censor discussion on this forum. I’ve received several PM’s from other users over the year’s about it.

let me be blunt, the censor’s are never the virtuous, and if my calling out that behavior is considered problematic, the community is already lost.

community engagement has been dropping for sometime, ask yourself why.

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Sorry @scollins, I give up. And please don’t PM me again badmouthing other community members. Thank you and have a nice day.

Springtime! That’s the answer for the northern hemisphere, lately!


started with the lockdowns, used to see 40 distinct users a day in forums, probably less then 10 now by my reckoning.

Can somebody from the admin team please lock this thread before it get’s any more out of hand.
I knew why I wanted to discuss the new ffmpegGUI features over on Github :see_no_evil:

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Probably because your many non-contributing toxic posts.

To qoute XKCD
“I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you’re saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it’s not literally illegal to express.”


You can flag the top post as requiring moderation attention for that :slight_smile:

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The current toxic state of the world is revealing each individual for what they are. This forum is no exception.

Moderation of forums should keep threads on topic, & this/these forums are about Haiku, nothing else. :upside_down_face: :wink:

First of all, the term “Nazi socialists” is redundant, because the latter word is included in the first. It should (just as a side note) also be clear that the nazis did not have to do anything with socialism in any form or definition, as they literally used capitalistic hierarchies as a big part of their ideology and were literally facist. They used the term “socialist” in their name mainly because it was popular and because many would fall for it. They then skewed and changed socialist ideas so that they could build a narrative of divide and hatred on top of those and leave the core system that socialist ideas wanted to change as is. I personally understand your wording as wanting to paint nazis as socialist, which is just blatantly false, thus this correction.

Also comparing your posts being flagged on a forum, still being able to be seen by the press of a button, whilst quite a few of your posts were non-constructive and seen as toxic, i.e. making others uncomfortable for no apparent reason; to compare that to the state-terror that happend in facist germany is just belittleing of those that were silenced, suffered and killed by the nazis for not fitting in the regimes idea of the “Volksgemeinschaft”. This comparison of yours, to put it nicely, just baffels me.

No. If you’re being asked to keep on topic or to change your tone to make this forum a constructive place, and you ignore it, then it’s actually the task of the moderators to keep the forum intact. Honestly, I don’t get your accusation of censorship. You’re literally writing this in the forum you accuse of censorship for everyone to see, public to anyone, that’s certainly not censorship.


I also want to mention two things:

  • I have hidden or deleted zero of your posts lately. Other admins are quicker than me at doing this.
  • I keep seeing in the admin interface a lot of users flagging your posts as innapropriate and asking that the admins do something about it. While replies telling you you’re wrong get several “likes”

So, please do not take this personally with me. Pretty much everyone here is asking you to stop. Make what you want of it.


Moderation != censorship
I’m happy to live in a free democratic country but I won’t let my neighbour shit in my backyard :wink:



I have some objections to your answers here.

  1. It’s not just one person hiding or reporting other people’s posts. These posts are reviewed by all moderators after reporting and everyone gives their approval or rejection. As it seems, your choice of words is often not what we moderators had as guidelines (forum guidelines), so it happens that these are hidden… sometimes they are also activated again (in the event of rejection after looking at the message).

  2. I have the feeling that there is a succinct misunderstanding here, the written word can unfortunately always be read negatively or positively. If someone has often been noticed negatively, the readers tend to always read them as negative.

  3. It’s not right to address people directly here. The moderators are not there to censor, but to ensure peace and order in the forum. If someone directly insults other people or tries to put a stamp on them, then that is unacceptable. Nobody here has anything against cretics, on the contrary, if this is justified and enriched, it flows into the further development of the system (this has often been the case).

Hence my recommendation to you, please pay attention to a proper choice of words that is in line with the guidelines.

And the rest of us should try not to always immediately see the negative in everyone when it comes from a person who is (unfortunately) known for such contributions, or it is perceived as such.

However, should it start up again and you keep violating the guidelines again and again, I will not hesitate to ask for a disqualification survey.


This is the problem. The moderators aim for peace and order while @SCollins value his right to free speech. @SCollins is being censored because other individuals are hurt by what he says, even if what he says is correct.

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

– Not the Haiku moderation team

The next one that doesn’t get it. This is not a general platform for random philosophical rambling or uncovering of any perceived hidden “truths”. This a forum dedicated to the development and use of the Haiku operating system and applications for it. Is that so hard to understand? If you want to talk about something else no one prevents you from doing so on literally millions of other discussion platforms.
And is it really a bad thing that we want to maintain some basic level of civility? We come here for fun not to get yelled at or being accused of being Nazis. And no I’m not offended or hurt by anything you or @scollins said. I`m just starting to get f*cking annoyed by it.