Minimum translation percentage?


Dear all here…

How many percentage of translation that (refers to pootle translation) … so this language can be choose when installing haiku…
i hope my native language can be show when beta1 released…


The best way to see a full translation in the best of the cases and a partial one on your language is joining and submitting translations. I don’t know if there are other indonesian people whom could help you, but if you find them, you could do it by yourselves if there isn’t any translation.


i do my best to translate step by step… hope it will catch nearly 100% when beta1 ready… Capture
… hmm i don’t understand why indonesian bar look pale than the others?


I think in the Beta we will include languages translated more than 70% or something like this. During the release process, there is a “strings freeze” period where developers are not allowed to change any translated text anymore, this allows translators to catch up and finish translating the new ones.


I see that italian too needs to be upgraded a bit; where can I apply to help translating?


thanks @PulkoMandy

i’ll try find some help from my friend…


translation site is here :
you need to post the i18n and i18n-it mailing lists and contact language manager for your language…(CMIIW)


If just want to translate strings for Haiku at the pootle site, you don’t necessarily have to contact your language manager or mailing list. You should study your language’s i18n wiki - which includes a “terminology” of standard words/expressions - and probably the wiki page with the introduction to GUI localization.
You’ll only be able to suggest translations; they still have to be approved by the language manager. If your suggestions seem to pile up, ask on your language’s mailing list what’s up.

correct me if I’m wrong - I had to websearch that acronym… :slight_smile:


uhm…the italian translation ML is silent since 2012, pottle suggestions seems to be laying down ignored since months, the translation manager seems missing though…

“It’s dead, Jim”

I guess what’s the best thing to do in these cases…


thanks for correcting me @humdinger


In that case, humdinger, nielx, or myself can grant someone else language manager access. @humdinger is the one who’s been managing translations for the most part, so, I’ll defer to him here.


Yes. If the current language manager is MIA, we gladly promote someone who likes to take over. Just make sure by posting to the language’s i18n mailing list first. A lack of traffic doesn’t necessarily mean nobody is paing attention any more and can’t be stirred into action again.


did it :slight_smile: let’s wait a couple of day to check if anybody is still out there, then we could eventually proceed into action

I need to re-install Haiku into a VM firsr, better to have a working install again (i was waiting for the beta but if i have to contrib i think it would not be a good idea)


No better time than right now. :slight_smile:

Italian language manager is @dnltst, no idea what’s his/her real name…
dnltst doesn’t seem to be that active in the forums, though. Let’s see if mentioning the nick draws him/her out. :slight_smile:


after i make some translation this couple days … but untranslated count number seem unchange…
is this problem or…normal?Capture


I think a language manager needs accept the translated strings first, as they are just a proposal before that.


…err @humdinger … is @nurasto still languange manager? can we check by ourself whois the languange manager?.. i’ll try to contact @nurasto


It’s not normal. What I don’t know either is why Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian (and further down Spanish) are greyed out…
Any idea @waddlesplash?

WRT language manager, I see that you already have all necessary permissions at the pootle site to submit translations. So that shouldn’t be the problem.
You should add yourself as language manager to the ID wiki page. You now have the permissions to do that and, e.g. to keep the terminology page uptodate.


I think you should take over because currently I dont have enough time to be a language manager. @humdinger please let @mazbrili to be Indonesian language manager including ID Wiki.

Haiku-i18n-id mailing list seems stuck, I dont get any message for last several years. I cant find out whats wrong, maybe someone could fix this.


Yes, and for some reason, I get an endless loop like this: