Minimum translation percentage?


Yep, I see that. It looks like background tasks are stopped for some reason. I’m investigating.


OK, seems to be fixed, at least for now.


Works well now! :+1:


Thanks waddlespash!


Not sure what’s up with the haiku-i18n-id mailing list. Tried to post to it, but it doesn’t seem to get thru. Tried to sign into freelists to see if I have admin rights for the list and see if anthing’s wrong. But freelists just keeps sending me “webcodes” to identify my identity…
If @mazbrili is on his own for now anyway, he won’t need the ml immediately anyway. I’ll try another time to see what might be wrong with the list…

Waddlesplash’s intervention seems to have fixed the greyed out rows and the “Needs translation” number for ID: it’s now 6947 when in mazbrili’s shot it was 8507.


no life signs, apparently. I think we must revitalize the team, here


I have to boot a working haiku install, first. For some unknown reasons, I cannot install Virtualbox on my macbook (no surprise, actually; it’s a corporate laptop and there’re probably some corporate policies in place to prevent users to install external kexts or something). Thus, I need to setup my old Sony Vaio with a native install, crossing fingers about drivers.

September, maybe. I’m on holiday actually :smiley:


thanks @waddlesplash … works well now :+1:


ok @nurasto i will try my best… we still need you around here… :slight_smile:


thanks @humdinger for your support… i’ll check wiki page and try to update it…


Enjoy your holiday and gives us a shout when your back and ready.


I’ve also done a strings synchronization, so there is a bunch of new stuff to translate now also.

@mazbrili, @nurasto: I’ve enabled Indonesian export at the same time, so as of hrev52230, it should be possible to use Indonesian as a language in Haiku. Thanks for all your work so far! :slight_smile:


big thanks @waddlesplash … we feel more motivated :sunglasses:


here we go! Back on tracks with a fresh nightly on VBox (i was able to install it on my win dev desktop box, still no success on macbookpro actually).

I’m ready to start, expecially because we’re approaching the beta branch!


Could you sort things out on the haiku-i18n-it mailing list? I saw some traffic there, but me’e not understand’e nutting… nutting! :slight_smile:


I’ve just ping out for who was still alive and asking them for a green light to takeover the task :slight_smile: the former mod is gone, but there’re a couple of old good guys still interested in translating and they’ve agreed.