Mini Keyboard on Mini PC with Haiku (32+64)

This Rii i4 Mini Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4GHz Keyboard with Touchpad

Werbung gelöscht!
works great with Haiku (32 + 64) on the Mini PC Zotac ZBOX IQ 01.
Tested in 2.4GHz mode, very high quality workmanship, pleasant keyboard, touchpad too.
Good for mobility with both!
Combination possibly as a media center on the TV (under Windows with OpenELEC, PLEX and?). Hasn’t been tested by me.


I understand that sometimes it isn’t easy to figure out where is manufacturer page of a product but when there’s one please try to avoid to post Amaz… page. We aren’t here to make publicity for this company.
It isn’t a lot better in term of advertising but at least it is more informative.

At it says AMAZON and, no matter which Contry you choose, you end up on Amazon …
There is advertising everywhere, even on so-called non-profit sites …
Google Summer of Code … GOOGLE + Haiku … oh, oh …

Better end the discussion … otherwise it will get out of hand - as we have seen so often here!