Media Release: The Haiku Project Celebrates the Release of Beta 3 | Haiku Project

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congratulations ^^ a great job from the developers group.


Congrats to the devs, hopefully it’ll only get better from here :smiley:


Congratulations Team Haiku - a great achievement with many moving parts coming together. The future of this exciting OS looks shiny!


Somehow I wonder what Michael Phipps (project founder) would think of Haiku in its current state? I can’t imagine he’d be disappointed… :smiley:


Where is he ?

Hacker News thread: Haiku Beta 3 | Hacker News


It seems the Haiku forum is one of the last standing forum where we actually and seriously talk about alternative OSs. At least i am not aware to anything else (except osdev, but thats a bit different).
Everybody became lazy and parrotting the same wrong information because everybody went write-only, nobody cares about anything at all. It can be described completely with one artifical word: “Meh.”


Congratulations to the developers!!!


Awesome work, congratulations and thanks to all involved!
Just in time for my new laptop (Starlabs MK-V which should work just fine I guess/hope) and for kicking back into gear with my Haiku project to reach the next milestone and finally show something useful…


WebAssembly makes a difference if we can support it. My concern is keeping the OS small enough that it can outrun its bigger competitors.

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I read plenty comments about Haiku in the past what? 20 years and i haven’t seen any comments about webassembly, but on the other hand i have seen plenty great ideas to die.

I don’t really know if i want this idea also to die, because i hate to see everything built on top of webbrowsers, which is definetely a comfortable but disgusting and technically non-ideal solution or i want it to live, but then i don’t see the plenty great programs which would then run on Haiku, and as it would run everywhere, it wouldn’t make the product exciting.

I think WA is equally great and insane idea in the same time, but as it running on top of the webbrowser, then it should simply die, only because pragmatical reasons. Even, if it is possible to run in Terminal/doubleclick.

I simply think the computer users have already good enough solutions and they are bombarded with hype too much, so their stimulus treshold is just simply way too high. Their expectations too.

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Without wanting to pollute this thread with too much off-topic discussion, check out Wasmer and reply to one of my numerous threads on the subject. The Wasi target already runs command-line utilities outside the browser with it.

The Amiga community with AmigaOS and MorphOS and AROS is still quite active too. And so is ReactOS.

And in the future we may hear more of Serenity or RedoxOS?


Thats true. I forgot about those.

Very congratulations to everyone who collaborated to reach this milestone.

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Btw where is the promotion team?

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The same question I have.

Also, just a note, it would be better to have the release when both continents are awake. Last release had much more visibility and ranking in Hacker News then this one, because it was posted around 8-9 PM GMT, following the release.

Haiku has an international team of devs, it seems silly to try an optimize releases for a specific set of localities.

I hope the promotional team tries to contact publications directly instead of letting themselves drawn into flamefests with ignorant posters. From what I’ve seen from a quick glance, corrections were posted in that thread, but of course ignored from the whiners. No need to further engage IMO.