Maybe Haiku does have wallpaper

Earlier today, I opened the Haiku website – except I did it in BeZilla for the nostalgia/fun of it… and maybe because the backdrop showed more in it, that inspired me to download it (bg-preface.png) and set it as the wallpaper on my Haiku box.

After applying it scaled, it doesn’t look at all bad with the default colors… and here is the backdrop for everyone else:

Just wanted to mention this for anyone that wants to set the official site background over the default Haiku watermark as well. (And I might also mention it’d look great on a future Haiku build, too). :wink:

Source WonderBrush file for anyone interested:


Nice/ useful.

Today I had a little bit of fun with WonderBrush and here there is a first attempt:

(1366x768 pixel)