MAME on Haiku

In an attempt to run the latest version of MAME on an old Acer Aspire One D257, I ended up going down a Haiku rabbit hole… The last time I touched a BeOS-like OS was 5 PE back in the 90s, so this has been a learning experience!

I’ve made some updates to the mame-0.226 recipe and manually applied the patches, working out the differences as I went. But I’ve hit an issue early on with the build: make is complaining.

make: *** No rule to make target 'build/projects/sdl/mame/gmake-haiku/Makefile' needed by 'haiku_x64'.  Stop.


Obviously I am brand new to HaikuPorts, so all my knowledge comes from looking at the wiki yesterday.

I wasn’t able to build 0.226 as the recipe prerequires python2, which I guess was removed from the repos relatively recently.

I’m currently at a loss for where to go next. I don’t know MAME’s build system, and I’m guessing that asking the MAME dev community will result in the response “OS not supported”. I’m hoping that someone here will be able to point me in the right direction.

What should my next steps be? Fork haikuports/haikuports, create a branch and put my current work there?

BTW, yes, I know I could just run a lightweight Linux distro on the laptop, but where’s the fun in that?



Thanks for checking this out, we could always use some help :slight_smile:
In regards to python2.7, this has been removed quite some time ago now, has seen it’s EOL.

Now, without seeing what you’ve done so far it’s hard to tell what the problem is, my first guess would be that no Makefile (or the like) is found/created?

You could fork haikuports etc, create a branch and do your work in there, then create a PR for it, we could have a look and guide you through eventual problems comming up.


Thanks for the quick reply! No worries, I’ll get the fork/branch made and do the PR.

Annoyingly, the git diff patch I created isn’t working with the recipe, but I think that’s just me not reading the wiki properly.

Out of interest, is it possible to cross-compile with HaikuPorter on Linux? Would I have to create an entire Haiku build environment to do so?

As far as I know it’s not possible to cross-compile haikuporter on Linux.
I looked a bit into the newer version and re-applied current patchset as far as I could, but stranded up in an error in the file toolchain.lua (probably missed something there) :slight_smile:

Progress! Combined minds can do weird things :smiley:

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Getting there, slowly but surely!


First succes (with joint efforts!) thanks to @korli also for giving the final solution from a patch upstream :ok_hand:

If I only knew now how to properly test it :wink:


Thanks, this will be very helpful!

Not sure what to make of this comment? :confused:

Either way, found a few roms on the net to test it, they launch (but don’t seem to be play-able).

I use MAME for some of my own projects (hacking on the VTech V.Smile console). So I’m happy to get an up to date version with less bugs than the previous one. That’s all :slight_smile:

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Puts it in a very different way when commenting like this :slight_smile: If all is working fine it’s progress then :slight_smile:
PR is live, most is almost in there (missing patch needs to be added), and I had to use the internal lua instead of the system one because of linking errors. (which @thelastpsion already reported).

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Here’s a photo of it running Scrabble on the Psion Series 3a (2MB version) on an Acer Aspire One D257.

And here’s a photo of its two Atom cores collapsing under the strain! :joy:

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Doesn’t seem to be a known issue Custom Query – Haiku. Please file a ticket.

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No problem, all done.

Do you have a pic of the Psion Series 3a - it must be hangin by a thread itself by now. Usualy the ribbon selector peels off on those things.

I can go one better. Here’s some of my collection - these are just the ones that aren’t currently in bits.

Pro Tip: 3a (and 3c and 3mx) hinges repaired with JB Weld two-part epoxy end up practically stronger than the original ABS plastic.


It’s been merged! Thank you to @Begasus for all of your help with this! Also thanks to @korli for finding the upstream fix for FreeBSD that also worked for Haiku.

I think the only thing that isn’t working properly is MAME’s bgfx graphics driver, but that’s hardly the end of the world and could be fixed at a later date.


Thanks for your patience on this one, took several attemps to get the build up and running, kudos to your work! :ok_hand:
Now crossing fingers things work out OK on the buildmasters. :slight_smile:

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That’s a right trip down memory lane… I had a 3mx and a 5 back in the day. Another British invention that fell by the wayside!!!

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