Love the new forums!

Logged into the Haiku forum to see what the current happenings were, and was greeted with this total redesign. I saw humdinger beat me to mentioning it in the ‘order of categories’ thread (e.g. “love the new forums!”). But I will gladly be the second to mention it anyway – the new layout looks rad, and awesome job, Haiku team! (I’ll have to test it out in Web+ later, though). :wink:


I have to say this is a big step in the right direction. Looking forward to seeing what is in store for the rest of the site! :+1:

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The rest of the site is moving to Hugo, and since it’s a very disruptive under-the-hood change, for the moment the alpha new site looks the same as the old one:

This will probably change in the future, though it’ll be after the new site has already been in place and had time to settle in…

Thanks for all the positive feedback!!

I think the old drupal forums hid a lot of the awesome activity and discussions that went on around Haiku. I’ve already found some long-forgotten UI mock-ups that are truly inspiring.

We still have to figure out how to handle the blog comments… those are going to be a bit more complex to figure out.


Must say, this was finally reason for me to make account to the forum. Been lurking… quite a while.

Excellent choice of forum platform!

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I couldn’t even post on the old forum, it was so broken. Good riddance, I love the new one.

Too bad all the buttons are just blank squares [] and one has to hover the mouse to see what they do.

This is caused by lack of web font support in WebPositive. It needs some rework in app_server and could be a good target for a coding sprint.

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YES, the forum looks simple and powerful, just like haiku. Excellent work!

Please refrain from calling this eyesore and usability disaster (or short: piece of absolute dogshite) named “discuss” a forum. It has nothing to do with a classic forum at all and is an insult to longtime internet users.

The move to discuss is why I’m going to delete my account here.
edit: apparently one can’t even do that. Pathetic.

Can’t be worse than Drupal we were using before…

I’d rather use the shittiest classic forum software there is (MyBB) than this disaster falsely calling itself a forum.

I find it a lot easier to use from my phone than the old forum. I’ve used lots of the old style forums from the Amiga days, but I don’t miss all the bells and whistles - this is simplified and gets out of your way. Just my opinion :slight_smile:


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I find changing forum an excellent idea with a good realization.
Despite a few small things and excessive «social» and badge-oriented context new forum looks nicer than old one.
About design - give us a time and we’ll make it closer to Haiku (or to something into what Haiku will grow), I’m sure.

I think one’s viewpoint may rather depend on one’s usual browser. At the change I was really upset because for years I’ve just used BeZilla on both BeOS and Haiku. A few sites gave trouble, but not those I habitually checked in with. The new forum just refuses to start up at all there.

OTOH, if I run Ubuntu and use Firefox, the site is a breeze to use. Snappy and fairly intuitive.

On the same machine, in Haiku, WebPositive works, but is quite a bit slower, and – as my main work partition is still pre-PM – an older W+ is unbearably slow.

I agree that the “badges” and other cute bits, are not really appropriate to this sort of forum and should be dumped as soon as possible. This Reply scheme, though, seems to be working rather well! (:-))

@Pete Is there a port of Qupzilla available for pre-PM Haiku? I think Qt 4 should be available, not sure about Qt 5 for pre-PM. Should be possible to compile some version of Qupzilla.


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I love it - after having self-oriented myself on the user interface and how to navigate it.

I love the ease of filtering by subjects/tags.

It appears that it has browser requirements beyond what the old WebPositive provides. A bit unfortunate as this would prevent an user with a BeBox and feeling nostalgic to use this forum.

I feel that the badges are only a distraction at this time. At this time, the regular visitors are few and know each-other. This will be different when the Haiku community has a growth spurt following the release of R1.

I went ahead and disabled several of the badges. I left the ones that seem useful to identify long-term and/or very active/appreciated users. We can apparently tweak and edit them at will, so we will experiment a bit with this in the future.

Good suggestion, Chris! The current versions of Qupzilla look to need QT5, which I don’t have pre-PM (have 4.8), but I found a Qupzilla version from a few years back on BeShare, and it seems to work great! 
(… except is’s missing the button images in the same way as W+)
Better than the old W+ anyway. Thanks!

Well – not perfect… (:-/) Just crashed on me, but – like Firefox – it allows state recovery. Nice.