Looking for a ruler

I was looking for a ruler app to measure component’s widths and heights of my App, and shockinghly I didn’t find it in haikudepot. Is it me searching poorly or does it really miss in the huge amount of available apps?

Thank you for any help

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It’s not you. It’s just something nobody has needed till now.

If you want your measurements in pixels, that shouldn’t be too hard to program. cm or inches are harder because then you have to know the screen’s dot pitch. But if pixels are what you want, I could give it a shot.

EDIT: There are some nice looking Java ones at Harag.cz - Screen Ruler but they don’t work on Haiku because of a transparency issue.

If I am not mistaken the magnifier application has some capabilities for this, however I have not tried this myself.


That should be sugficient for my purposes, thank you

Oh! Maybe you are right! I’ll try it, but I think that the magnified area is too small
I let you know

OK, give me a few days and let me see what I can do.

There is open source old beos app (code) for scale:

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Something like the AutoIt Window Info tool would be handy: AutoIt Window Info Tool

Something like KRuler? :wink:


Yes that was the software I was searching for in Haikudepot, but I didn’t find it. (maybe because I’m on Haiku 32bits)

It’s not in the depot, got it build here (didn’t think there would be an interest in it), I could create a recipe for it and push it to haikuports so it becomes available if there is a need for it. :slight_smile:


Well, it would save some time to me and to @michel

thank you

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Give me a few minutes :slight_smile: (and a few more to finetune the recipe) :smiley:

Build completed on buildmasters, now available to install, check with “pkgman search kruler”, if it doesn’t show up run “pkgman refresh” and it should pop up. :wink: Enjoy!

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Naah, too many dependencies for my taste. I’m doing my own thing anyway. Will let you know.


Native one is always better, can’t help out there though. :smiley:

Horizontal one done (0.1 alpha!!!)

That’s on a low resolution. On a bigger screen it resizes itself accordingly

Now for the vertical one.


You can in/decrease the pixel size and the window. Most important is to “Stick coordinates” (ALT+I) when you’ve got your target in the crosshairs.

Also - this assumes you need the size in pixels - you could just save a screenshot and open it in a graphics app. For example, in Wonderbush zoom into the widget you need, choose the “Clipboard” tool to create a bounding box around your target at it shows you the width and height.

OK you can download a 64-bit pre-hpkg preview here: https://0x0.st/XcHM.zip

You can move the rulers by grabbing the tab or the frame
Pixel-precise positioning with arrow keys
Home/End, PgUp/PgDwn for bigger jumps
Q to quit

Yes, I’ve spotted the error in the Vertical ruler’s title tab. Already fixed. Apart from that, let me know what you think.


Wow! Great!!!

Thank you so much! I’m workin on a 32bit Haiku, if you are able to produce a 32bit version would be fantastic, anyway thank you for your actual work

I don’t have a 32-bit installation, but I’ll DM it to you in script format