Looking for a ruler

Looks very nice!

Some ideas for the future: It might be cool to take advantage of Haiku’s window snapping to interactively measure windows. Seeing that it’s a Haiku-native software, it might be interesting to be able to analyze controls of the window the ruler is snapped to and to display dimension readouts and boundary markers for the control (or space inbetween controls) under the mouse cursor. I think this should be possibly from another application since “hey” has a way of accessing controls on a window, too.

Stack and Tile is not scriptable AFAIK, but as I was writing this I had another idea. A ruler is a bit of a blunt instrument, but I can write something more fine-grained, to give precise locations and dimensions of a screen element. Something along the lines of what Humdinger suggested above, but is a separate app. Watch this space.


Functional, but not ready for release yet. https://youtu.be/bfjtZE4OO9o


Thank you again for those nice utilities, just a hint:
the ruler is precise enough as you can move it with single pixel precision. In the video case if you are not sure if it’s 163-164 you can just move the ruler counting the pixels.
That’s waaay faster than screenshotting, loading an image editor and doing a difference of 2 points coordinates.
Great work!