LISP programming in Haiku and OS development with lisp


I think that haiku is great OS , and i have been on BeOs since start and i like it , and legacy goes on.
Also as a developer , when i have discovered lisp in wast ocean of languages and seen what it can do , I thought that combination of powerful OS with Lisp like Unix , and mixing languages two philosophies could give powerful performance , since the BeOs is powerful , and Haiku also ,why not give it more power with lisp , it could boost production , debug stage , also develop new system components + common lisp library-es are full of good tested code that can be implemented in all stages of development , with that you can make Haiku Os Superior OS in years to come. Idea is to make Unix piping into Lisp and from Lisp to Program , and You can outperform any OS of today . Because development sages with common lisp are fast , nothing is faster in live development than lisp , if you do not belive me , read from number of cases where lisp had prove to get the best results .


If you are interested bringing LISP to Hiaku, you should try to actualize the ecl recipe in HiakuPorts, and/or port other lisp implementation. Feel free to send your pull requests.


Although I fully share your enthusiasm about Lisp (Common Lisp, to be precise), Haiku is and will remain the OS written in C++. For Lisp running on bare metal, you can try something like Genera ( or Mezzano ( Additionally, you can run Linux with Emacs like window manager, e.g. exwm (

As for Lisp on Haiku, ECL ( was once available by @KapiX. There is good chance it can still be compiled, although I never seen it in repository. You can safely run ABCL ( which runs over JVM. I started porting SBCL ( to Haiku. For now I have nothing to offer. The porting seems to be straight-forward, but it just needs time and care which I don’t have just now.

Do not expect Lisp binding to Haiku API of any sort. Of course, you can provide it, having Lisp FFI (for C it is easier than for C++, but it is doable).


Are these various implementations of the same thing? I mean, supposing that there’s such a thing as software written in Lisp that someone might want to run on Haiku, it doesn’t much matter whether they find ECL there, or ABCL or SBCL? I guess Emacs Lisp certainly doesn’t count.


Emacs lisp is not a common lisp, neither is Guile or Scheme but they are variants of Lisp… there however is a good degree of interoperability between standardized Common Lisp implementations, such as ECL, Clisp, SBCL and ABC… etc… when inspecting a common lisp implementation you may want to see if they support the following in addition to common lisp itself:


I was thinking about common lisp implementation , since it is mostly used, and it is good for work and it has good library to start with. I have found a lisp implementation that works with BeOs

that is all for start that is needed . But requires work , to build , loading interface , library support system , which I intend to emulate to be functional programming env , since it is possible , next to do is to make brige to api , so I can load source from API , and compile it in Lisp ( Maping Hibrid ) , to make objects from API sources and than to combine in live components , that way I can Instantiate whole system , in a way lisp is like live Virtual Machine and also can do live coding on source, which I think is nice


I believe, the shortest way to what you want is ECL. It is standard Common Lisp implementation and is created to optimize inter-operation with C++. Particularly, it has a good binding to Qt library. Haiku also has a good Qt port and many GUI applications are written in Qt.

As of CLISP, it seems stale. Many libraries available in quicklisp don’t work with CLISP.


Clisp is very portable also… it runs on almost anything even if broken at the moment it probably wouldn’t be hard to fix, and it’s more commonly in use than ECL… ECL is not as good an interactive lisp , it’s more for embedding lisp into other applications.

This is the current official repository

Also I wouldn’t be supprised if you are talking about an ancient version of Clisp for BeOS that it doesn’t work with quicklisp…


Thank You for support , I will test with ECL , to see what results will be


Also thank you cb88 I will try that also to see how is working