LISP programming in Haiku and OS development with lisp

I fear a proper recipe should looks like this:
Notice the one million dependencies.

Ideally, yes, “cabal install” would do the right thing (adding the usual boilerplate of recipes: dependencies, provides, description, license, etc). There may be a need to configure some paths so cabal install things in the places where haikuports expects them.

I always thought Common Lisp was a little crazy and over the top. Lisp was being programmed in the 60’s on minimal hardware. There are Lisp implementations that run on 8-bit architectures. Maybe a version of Lisp like Scheme is the way to go. I expect that would be much more portable.

Eh, the whole point is common lisp is at least standard… if you go to some subset you can write your own stuff but it less likely you’ll be able to collaborate with lispers at large.

In any case bootstrapping lisp is at least not that hard since ECL exists and is decent, and that can be used to provide the lisp dependency the others need for bootstrapping.