Let's be friends.. Haiku, React OS and AROS!

I love the Idea if these three camps could just be real friends! And it makes me happy!

Just wanted to say that!


Not HaikuOS. Just Haiku. We can be friends as long as we aren’t called HaikuOS. :slight_smile:


ReactOS already uses Haiku USB stack so they are friends indeed https://www.haiku-os.org/news/2012-02-20_reactos_gets_usb_stack_help_us/


That’s cool! I didn’t know that. Fun times we live in when one major prerelease project is already borrowing from another.

Hi, here is a nice news coming: Prototype of AROS ABIv0 emulator for 64-bit AROS:

  1. 32-bit test binary (of Tools/Calculator) is loaded and relocated under 64-bit AROS
  2. 32-bit emulation mode is enabled in CPU and several lines of 32-bit code has been executed
  3. Kernel of 64-bit Linux-hosted AROS has been modified to allow correctly task-switching between processes running 32-bit and 64-bit code

Is it possible to build Aros hosted on top of Haiku ?

It is possible to port hosted AROS as long as there are no namespace collisions. Using a namespace directive in C++ would be an option.

P.S. I fixed the title.

Is it possible to run Aros 32-bit applications also ? Although
this is not so important, but the source codes have been lost for some applications, and rebuilding them for 64 bit will be problematic.

That depends on the quality of the ABI v0 emulator. Since ABI v1 supports reentrant code, I would suggest deprecating ABI v0 and running it under an emulation layer such as the one being written. All new code should use ABI v1 anyway, including 32-bit.