Land of the Leaves

Thanks for the reply. :slightly_smiling_face: Well, I guess this means I won’t re-share a copy of Max, then. Nothing would prevent making a video of it, though, so I guess I could do that sometime.

I ever have thiswish about a free hybrid beos haiku distro, a kind of update from haiku to beos.

Which parts of BeOS would still be of any use today?

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Hey, nice oxymoron!


I think you’re misunderstanding what my question was. I was talking about re-sharing the image, not the source.

I was replying to cosmogatokat, who suggested mixing Haiku with BeOS.

Oh. My bad; thanks.

Maybe the ppc version with some of source from haiku can be good… for example…Webpositive or ¿haikudepot? Cause there are not a ppc version it can be a temporal way to mantain that scene hyped temporally, but really dont know if it worth.

  1. AFAIK there is no PE version for PPC, so the proposed “mix” would be not distributable because copyrights.

  2. It absolutely makes no sense as WebPositive requires GCC5+ wich is not available for BeOS.

  3. That scene is long died, let it rest in peace and try to help at the PPC port to make Haiku working on PPC machines, without any copyright infringement.

  1. there is literally no PPC machine at the markt wich can run BeOS, so what kind of “hype” would it generate?

Never knew about the “Cotton Squares” band mentioned in this thread: The Cotton Squares “new” tunes . I copied the above link to this thread (since the Dropbox link inside it is not mine) to Land of the Leaves on the Media+Links page under Media, Videos, and Presentations.

Thanks to @shaka444 for posting these; I’ve definitely learned something new from this. Now if only there could be some Haiku music. :smile:

Just wanted to mention that I’m thinking of moving ‘Land of the Leaves’ and giving it a new name. Right now, it’s kind of hard to find in the search engines I’ve tested looking for it with, and I’d like more people to discover Be and Haiku history.

If anyone knows of a better name I can give it, let me know. I’d also love to post stuff about Haiku in other places as well to ‘get the word out’ to new users.

It’s been a long time since I’ve given any attention to this project at all; I’m currently thinking of how to actually make it relevant and maybe add new content. I know recently the Hakilo scripts and themes came out… so hopefully I can start writing about new stuff. Open to any and all suggestions, everyone. :wink: