KMyMoney update



While playing around with it here, I think it is time to give it to the public, KMyMoney, not sure everything is working as expected, but while doing some basic actions it looks nice for a personal finance manager.
Now in the depot (64bit only).

I downloaded kmymoney from HaikuDepot. It installed with no problems.

  1. On first start, you cannot bypass the setup process like in other OS’es.
  2. After, creating a bogus file, I OPENed my ‘kmymoney’ backup directory from another OS.
  3. I inspected my accounts, open and read a few reports, conducted new transactions, created new transfers, and saved the files.
  4. I then transpoprted these files to another OS and opened them in that KMyMoney instance–no problems. Interoperability is still maintained.

I am very pleaed to have this software in Haiku, which means I can conduct my finances in any environment now! This is awesome–one more step closer to being 100% daily user!! I’m at 80% right now…

Great work!


Thanks for checking it out! One minus isn’t bad in the report :smiley: :ok_hand:

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